Lions v All Blacks – 3rd test


Tonight’s 3rd test between the British and Irish Lions and the All Blacks is one of the biggest and most anticipated games of rugby for a long time outside the Rugby World Cup.

There’s something special about a closely contested series. It is 1-1 after two tests, so everything is riding on this game.

The winner is already rugby, and no matter who wins the game will have benefited a lot from this series.?

Who’s going to win? I have no idea, both teams start the game on 0-0, and it could easily go either way.

There could end up being one dominant team, or it could be close all the way and come down to one piece of brilliance or one bad mistake.

It’s great to have a game to watch that is so full of interest and uncertainty.

Of course I want the All Blacks to win, but if they turn out to be no good enough then so be it.—

The Lions have won the toss and will kick off at Eden Park.

Half time 12-6 to the All Blacks.

The Lions have played well at times but the ABs had the better of the first half that’s been full of action. Two very good tries, but a few missed chances as well through handling mistakes.

The Lions need to come out in the second half with new energy and lift themselves or they may struggle as fatigue sets in. They don’t look as committed as they were last week.

Still anyone’s game, but advantage at this stage to the All Blacks, both on the scoreboard and on dominance.

An odd second half, very stop start, mistakes from both sides.

Final score 15-15, a drawn series.

The All Blacks seemed to see it as a failure, the Lions saw it as a success.

One very contentious decision where it seems that a penalty (kickable) to the All Blacks was changed to a scrum after referring to the video ref – I didn’t think the video ref could be used for general play decisions like that, it still looked like a deliberate play so offside, but the ref ruled and the All Blacks didn’t finish off so the result stands.

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  2. For the sake of rugby the All Blacks have to win. The Lions have been incredibly negative in their tactics when they defend. The AB’s had 10, yes 10, shots at goal in Test 2. That points directly at constant infringement by the Lions when on defense – and they are off side from about 3 men wide of the ruck every time they don’t have the ball, as well as deliberately lying in the ruck to slow down the ball…

    Still they have got away with it in test 2 to a certain extent with the Ref not following through on a warning re repeated offences by Maro Itoje- and I don’t expect the French ref to do what is required in test 3 either, which is card a Lions defender for repeated team infringement.

    I see the AB’s being pretty unhappy about the outcome of Test 2 – they had the chances to win the game even down to 14 players, so I expect a fizzed up forward pack to repeat the dominance of Test 1 upfront and the All Blacks to win by around 15 points…

    Come on Black…

  3. yeah – lets distract the masses with some totally irrelevant event so they don’t have to think about all that is wrong in godzone and how 9 years of mismanagement has created those wrongs

  4. Metservice says: Cloudy periods, a few showers. Westerlies tending northerly this evening.

    The rain radar shows patchy showers followed by a big band of rain, which seems to be due later in the evening (after the game).

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  6. Alan Wilkinson

     /  8th July 2017

    Far too many mistakes by the All Blacks but the Lions played well. Probably a fair result in the end.

  7. But the ruling at the time stands as does the result. There is no guarantee the penalty would have been successfully kicked.

    A tough decision but the result stands.

    • Very poor decision to over turn that penalty award Pete. Quite clearly the offending play was coming form an offside position and played at the ball which had come forward from his own player. No accident in it – the offending player knew after catching the ball he was clearly in the wrong and showed it by throwing the ball away and playing innocent.

      We should have won the game in the first half – that call was just icing on the cake. Poor execution of catch and pass by our guys and poor decision making on when to pass as well. Julian Savea may have played his last game for the All Blacks – his drop when the line beckon is inexcusable for a test match winger…

      Reminded me of the series against the French in NZ a year or two after the 2007 RWC. We looked terrible and made a lot of poor decisions under pressure that series as well… we had a number of inexperienced players in that team as well, but they came right the next season and became champions…

      onward and upward…

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  9. PDB

     /  8th July 2017

    Would have to be the weakest All Black backline (especially midfield/fullback) we have seen for some years.

    • Laumape, ALB and Jordie Barrett well be superstars – they just are under done for this level at this point in time. Its what happens when you loss two players like Ma’a and Conrad – it takes time for the next wave of players to arrive and be consistent at Test match level….

  10. Corky.

     /  8th July 2017

    All Blacks have lost their mana. World rugby will be smelling blood. Time for changes. The Bus must go. Also some long term forwards. International rugby has caught up with the Ab’s. Time to morph again under a new coach.


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