The Nation – Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft

This morning  on The Nation – Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft “on child poverty, secure youth facilities, and should kids get more of a say in policy making”.

From the Office of  the Children’s Commissioner website:

Our Work: We advocate for the interests and well being of children and young people.

Children’s Rights: We provide advice to people who are concerned about a child or young person’s rights or wellbeing.

“We’ve had a problem for thirty years now, 70% of kids do well, 20% do badly and 10% do very badly”.

“I don’t think most NZers know how bad it is at the bad end”.

“We need a plan, we need targets, we need progress’.

We have a target to halve child poverty by 2030.

The Government says it is too hard to have a single measure but Becroft disagrees. He thinks we are in a muddle. We need as a country to make the target seriously, and that means setting other targets.

Says benefits should be indexed, much like Super.

Child poverty: “We could solve this issue… it’s within our ability if we had the will” Judge Becroft.

We don’t do enough to factor in children’s voices in decision making.

Should solo mums have their benefits docked if they don’t name the father? Becroft says it disadvantages kid.

Should 16 and 17 year olds be able to vote? Becroft says we should think about it.

Too many kids in the youth court had their brains scrambled by cannabis.

An inquiry into abuse in state care? Becroft hasn’t publicly supported this because his agency has been involved in the past. A key emphasis is on making things better in the future.

Interview:  Andrew Becroft

Transcript:  Lisa Owen interviews Andrew Becroft

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  1. Trumpenreich

     /  8th July 2017

    “Should solo mums have their benefits docked if they don’t name the father? Becroft says it disadvantages kid.”

    Becroft and co are using children as political human shields when they use this excuse.

    Deal with the problem, parking up an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and forcing the taxpayer to pick up the tab is not acceptable.

  2. Beecroft declares himself with the 16-17 year old vote issue. That is an entirely left wing POV. It’s BS. Think of the frontal lobes !!!

    He says: “I don’t think most NZers know how bad it is at the bad end”. Beg your pardon mate but we will do. Many of us simply resist paying women who breed indiscriminately directly. I’m all for positive increasing positive discrimination tactics to help these poor kids,but for,img out for pokies, booze and fags is not on my helpful horizon. When you’re receiving Govt handouts then you’ve got to be more accountable. Friend’s daughter, two kids to different dads, lives with neither, youngest 4 has no intention of working in the near future. Just had ten days in Raro. Nice if you can get it. Thanks Mr Taxpayer.

    Food vouchers
    Help with power, housing
    Education imperatives, charter options, private edu. vouchers ( Numberworks etc)
    Increasing all remedial cover
    Mothers as first teachers initiatives

    Not a cent to the mother, other than basic living wage. Rarotonga! It’s not uncommon. I mean one has a huge advantage when the state pays your rent

  3. Ray

     /  8th July 2017

    On the one hand we have Commissioner Beecroft saying young people must be treated as such when they are caught breaking the law.
    On the other they are adult enough to vote!
    So which is it?

  4. Brown

     /  8th July 2017

    Becroft has, in my view, turned out to be very disappointing in this role. More welfare is not going to help these kids who are already victims of it.


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