Q+A: growing the Green vote



Are both green leaders going to be on? It looks like Turei has replaced Shaw.

Re North & South cover – rebranding and a new look is important, reaching out to a broader constituency. She wants to keep broadening the green ‘movement’.

Is Metiria having to change her image? That question stumped her, she didn’t know how to answer. She said she is proud of her radical background. She says outside pressures have caused her to moderate her style sometimes.

She is proud of “speaking truth to power”. The words of someone in opposition. What if she gets into power? That will change.

How many seats” She says she hasn’t got a number but mentions Matt Lowrey at 21 on the list.

“When we are in power with Labour” – can she trust them?  She doesn’t answer that, she just talks about joint efforts to change the government, backing a progressive governnment.

She categorically says Greens are not prepared to “prop up” a National government. I thought that decision was up to party members.

Winston Peters? Shaw has spoken with him but Metiria is obviously at odds, referring to his racist stance on immigration.

She sighs when Shane Jones is mentioned, she says she doesn’t think he will make much of a difference.

She says it is absolutely feasible for the Greens to win the Nelson electorate, defeating Nick Smith’s large majority.

Why Nelson? She says the large donation had very little to do with the decision. She says they are targeting Smith. They haven’t targeted an electorate for years.

Greens and Labour decided not to do a deal in Nelson, so that won’t help their chances. Curious why they are targeting Nelson.

Not much about how Greens will grow their vote.

On Demand: Metiria Turei talks about the Green Party’s campaign launch

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  1. sorethumb

     /  9th July 2017

    They are talking about Nelson being winnable as Nick Smith is such a terrible candidate due to his handling of housing and the environment. What about their own full steam ahead on immigration and de-linking of immigration, housing and GDP per capita (need to push production)?

  2. Zedd

     /  9th July 2017

    methinks the Greens need to watch out for TOP; who have pinched many of their policy ideas & are about sitting in the ‘Blue-green’ space, that some say the greens need to look closer at.. as opposed to the perceived ‘extreme left’ tag they have been given, by many right-wing ‘commentators’ ? :/

  3. Nick is on the slow decline at the end of a career, and for a traditionally more hippy culture in the area, the staid boy in blue sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • to be clear I dont see it happening, though its a strong possibility that the greens will eclipse labours candidate


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