Q+A: Labour women in politics


When Q+A tweeted this yesterday I questioned talking about “women in politics” with just two women from one party featuring.

That’s ridiculous. One on one interviews with politicians of different genders from different parties is usually about specific issues.

I think a general sounding issue about women in politics should include different women and different politics. Annette responded “You are far too sensitive Pete!”

If Q+A called it “Labour women in politics” then featuring King and Ardern would be appropriate. But not a general “women in politics’.

I can only guess, but it looks to me like Labour have been given a spot on Q+A and chose to feature the ‘women’ theme with King (out with the old) and Ardern (in with the been around for a while).

This week Labour revealed that their election advertising would feature both Ardern and Little.

It will be interesting to see if the interview amounts to a probing look at Labour women in politics, or if it is a soft campaign promo.

What has changed since king has been in Parliament? “More women”. It is a much more representative place. It is now much easier for women to be heard.

Ardern says she has been well supported in the Labour caucus, but the external commentary is questionable.


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  1. Trumpenreich

     /  9th July 2017

    Gender rigging their line up is why I will NEVER vote Labour again.

    Labour has a serious man voter deficit.

    • All polling reveals you’re right. Sure they believe that as NZ becomes more “progressive”, more liberal in the manner of identity politics, the men will return. In the meantime let’s try and woo as many ladies as we can with polka dot dresses and bleached teeth smiles.

  2. Corky

     /  9th July 2017

    Pete was worked over by Labour’s A team. They have no time for searching questions regarding Labour women. Women are King in Labour. Labour is a broad church. And anyone who thinks different is just plain wrong. Especially Tory women.

  3. Gezza

     /  9th July 2017

    Well, I just watched a10 minute free ad for Labour I think. Jacinda talks, smiles, & waves her arms around a lot. She & Annette basically said it’s a lot better for women MPs in Parliament now than 30 years ago. And Jacinda sounded very happy and excited about it. They now have rooms for their kids there. And they said Labour has more women candidates than ever before standing in winnable seats & on winnable list positions. So that’s going to be great.


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