Q+A: the city/rural divide

Fonterra have been doing a lot of advertising on television lately – are they trying to win over public opinion? Or is it too late?

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  1. As someone with a foot in both camps this is my twopenny’s worth.

    Townies are all somewhere along the concerned-enraged spectrum and it’s all about the environmemt. Theyd rather see stories of waterways fenced off and less sulphates being introduced to them than female farmers goingboff to China ffs. Tens of kilometre of waterways on my farms have been fenced and planted for decades. It’s about time every drain and every spring, every creek in this country is protected, planted and fenced. That’d illustrate a commitment that went some way to mitigating the negatively perceived CC “break” agriculture has been cut.

    There are some huge corporate Dairy Farms these days and even small dairies are owned by millionaires. You have to have a minimum of Five million to buy a small one. Apart from marginal hill country kinds and lifestylers, farmers are, rightly or wrongly, perceived as Cullenesque rich pricks. As to the every Kiwi has a rural connection, that is long, long gone. Healing the rift will take more than these ads.

  2. NOEL

     /  July 9, 2017

    I guessing Fonterra adverts about how well the brand is well known in Siri Lanka doesn’t resonate with Joe Kiwi when he goes to buy some milk and gets told that the international market determines the domestic price.