Read sums up the 3rd test

All Black captain Kieran Read sums up the third test against the British and Irish Lions:

Referee Roman Poite had originally ruled that it was offside, but after consultation with the television match official downgraded his decision to an accidental offside.

“In my view it is a penalty and I think he ruled it correctly from the start,” Read told Sky Sports.

“I guess when you bring in replays, and everything, you will get different decisions.

It looked to me like the correct decision initially, and changing that decision will be much debated.

“That was not why we didn’t win the game, it was an accumulation of everything throughout the game.

“It was just one of those that goes against you and you have to deal with it.”

The penalty reversal was at a crucial time but it wasn’t a given that the penalty would have been successfully kicked (my first reaction to the penalty being warded was dread that it could be missed), and it was far from the only reason why the All Blacks didn’t win. They made mistakes right through the game that put them in a position where a single decision mattered.

Asked how he was feeling after the game, Read said: “Pretty hollow to be honest.

“You walk away with a draw, it doesn’t really mean much.

It felt a bit hollow for me as a spectator too. But relief it wasn’t a loss.

“I’ll look back on this in the future with a bit more pride, look back on the series as pretty well fought-out.

“Two teams couldn’t be split so that’s the way it goes.”

Meanwhile, Read, who was making his 100th appearance for the All Blacks, believes his side were just not accurate enough with their execution.

“There was a lot of endeavour and hard work from the boys, perhaps we were just trying too hard,” he added.

“We wanted to put in a great performance and it just didn’t click for us.

“Really proud of the lads, we stuck at it. It is hard to know what you’re feeling right now.”

The All Blacks weren’t accurate enough, partly due to pressure from the Lions, partly probably due to pressure of the game situation, and partly just poor execution.

But it was still a top game between two top sides, especially the first half.

The second half was dragged down by too many stoppages but it was still closely fought and tense.

The best team didn’t win – there wasn’t one. In the second and third tests little separated them, and regardless of discussion afterwards it will go down as a drawn game and a drawn series.

That result and the series generally will be good for the future of the Lions.

And it won’t do the All Blacks any harm. They win a lot but can be beaten and don’t always win big games.


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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  9th July 2017

    Yes, too many mistakes as I said last night against a Lions team that played well. The game was there for the winning but they muffed it – not quite badly enough to lose. The Lions trapped Crockett to milk the drawing penalty and then were lucky not to give it back themselves. It’s a bit sad such a good battle turned on technicalities like these.

    • Yes Al, that Crockett penalty decision was milked – and then within 3-5 minutes exactly the same situation occurred except a red shirt was trapped and not rolling away but no penalty given. That sort of poor, inconsistent refereeing does my head in – it is so obvious but refs never pay a price for it

      Still it was inexperience in the backline, poor leadership and blown skills that cost the game.

      Julian Savea may have played his last match – that drop early in the first half of a Barrett break, Barrett pass was inexcusable at test match level..

      McCaw probably would have delivered a victory in that game if on the field – Read doesn’t have the same ability to control a game and control a ref as Richie did.

      Still: not a loss, new players blooded – two of whom in Ioane and Barrett J are going to be superstar players – and we also got to see what the North will bring in Japan in 2019 in terms of game plan.

      • Gezza

         /  9th July 2017

        Cheerful character in the sports bar looked at me, & said: “With a French ref & an Aussie TMO, what bloody chance have we got?” 😀

        • The reffing was very average all series – even Pyper wasn’t that great but at least he was consistent and had a feel for letting it flow. The French refs were not International class plain and simple.

          Still all credit to the lions for working out that the refs would allow their style to flourish… they still needed Sonny to commit and act of stupidity in test 2 to get a win and some pretty poor AB decision making and execution across the whole series to get out with a drawn series…

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  9th July 2017

    Anyone figure out why the ref wasn’t anyway playing advantage instead of whistling the last penalty/not a penalty?

    • He was quick to whistle on a number of occasions, but in this case in particular I think it sholud be questioned. Lienart-Brown had the ball and was advancing within the 22, a strong attacking position, and that was not allowed to continue. In this case the referee wasn’t incorrect but it was poor refereeing.

      • NOEL

         /  9th July 2017

        While we are at it lets return the assistant referee role back to been a touch judge.

  3. duperez

     /  9th July 2017

    The last few minutes brought another famous moment to mind: @ 1:29:20

  4. Zedd

     /  9th July 2017

    Whilst everyone wanted to see ‘a result’ (one way or other).. I almost laughed when the final whistle blew; The Lions kept the ABs from ‘the slaughter’ that many thought would happen ?!

    Maybe this might see the ‘golden point’ (as in League) introduced ?? :/

  5. Corky

     /  9th July 2017

    Hanson needs decide whether he sees the season out, or aims for another world cup.


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