US-UK trade deal “very very quickly”

Donald Trump said that a very very big trade deal with the UK will be done very very quickly, but others are very very dubious.

“There is no country that could possibly be closer than our countries. We have been working on a trade deal which will be a very, very big deal – a very powerful deal, great for both countries – and I think we will have that done very, very quickly.”

“Prime Minister May and I have developed a very special relationship and I think trade will be a very big factor between our two countries.”

That sounds very very Trump but Theresa May was less certain.

May said she would not be sceptical about the Trump offer but remained “optimistic”.

Others were more sceptical. Thomas Bernes, who has dealt with the US in a major trade negotiation and is now a fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation:

“I was involved in the Canada-US trade agreement and it was extremely complicated. No one will be interested in a trade deal until you know where the UK is vis-a-vis the European Union and until that point is reached you can have plenty of goodwill but it is nothing more than that.”

“I think it is political puffery. There will be no fast US-UK trade agreement.”

The Guardian Trump expects trade deal with UK to be completed ‘very, very quickly’:

Trump’s comments are unlikely to signal any confirmed trade deal being announced soon. The US president has consistently pledged to put American interests before those of any ally countries and a UK-US deal remains a long way from being agreed.

A senior Downing street official said no date was being announced for a visit by Trump, but added: “The invitation has been extended and will be set out in due course.” They suggested there were no plans for an imminent visit.

The official described a “very good atmosphere” in a 50-minute meeting, in which a “significant proportion” was dedicated to the trading relationship.

“They agreed to prioritise work so a deal will be ready as soon as possible after Britain leaves the EU. They pledged to examine areas now where the two countries can deepen their trade relations. The president made clear he believed the UK would thrive outside the EU,” he said.

The conversation did not go into any specific detail of what a trade agreement might look like, he added, but “was talking in broad terms about the determination to get a good deal for both countries”.

Maybe Trump will just very very quickly build a trade deal and insist that the UK pay for it.



  1. Just can’t leave it alone can we?

    “Maybe Trump will just very very quickly build a trade deal and insist that the UK pay for it”.

    I think that type of petty snipe is below you Pete.

    He won. He is unusual – get over it.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if a trade deal was done quickly between the US and UK. Its in both interests to do a deal and place the EU in its place. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive to start with but focused and delivered quickly – then the optics would be good…… it would also send a clear signal to others inside the union that life outside the rancid structure that the EU has become is not so scary…

    • Yes he won, you get over it, you keep mentioning it. Now he has to try and deliver on his many grand claims.

      I think that the very very optimistic claims that are common of Trump mean that it’s hard to take any of his claims as realistic or serious.

      He may deliver on some but he is unlikely to under-deliver on most. He is digging a credibility hole.

      • No Pete – I have barely commented on Trump posts for awhile because it is pretty boring the same old anti trump sniping. I have avoided them.

        The constant echo chamber of personal snipes at Trump is real petulant by the commentariat – by all means pull his policy and delivery apart but the personal stuff is frankly boring in the extreme….

        • So you don’t think Trump claiming he can do a trade deal with the UK very very quickly should be commented on?

          Should his rhetoric and claims just be ignored as political puffery?

          • Well, we have no idea whether they are puffery. His declared position is he’d like to expedite a quick deal. Hell do what he can, but experience tells us that the US position can be very intransigent.

          • No Pete – you are deliberately missing my point – your snippy and sniping comment added zero to you commentary – see my original comment…. try and shift what I am saying all you like. Comment on his policy all you like – but the little personal digs are exactly, exactly the politics and political comment you keep saying you don’t like….

            • artcroft

               /  July 9, 2017

              His claims are puffery. Get over it.

            • You comment is puffery Artcroft – get over it. See its easssyyy to make a snide remark…

  2. I believe Trump would fo everything within his powers to effect a quick deal.

    The reality with these things though is that they’re very, very complicated. Farmers on both sides of the Atlantic are very powerful lobbies. It’d be very much in Britain’s interest to secure a deal.

    • Gezza

       /  July 9, 2017

      I believe in trackibg what he promises & what he delivers & seeing how it all looks in 4 years time.

      • Gezza

         /  July 9, 2017

        (I swear there’s no freaking point in having a cancel reply button if you’re posting on an iPad!
        Even when you know you hit it in time to theoretically stop the post submitting, so you can fix the typo you just spotted – it just never bloody works! 😡)

        • Conspiratoor

           /  July 9, 2017

          G, I understand you come at this with a proof reading background, but you need to suck it up mon ami. You will find the eye auto-corrects and where it fails, the brain enters the frame and attempts to decode. This can become fun as in missys rooting comment yesterday. It’s also a good opp to slip a subliminal message in under the guise of a typo. I very rarely correct a typo except where it has switched the message. Just accept it and move on. Cheers,c

          • Gezza

             /  July 9, 2017

            This can become fun as in missys rooting comment yesterday.
            Best one eva here so far! Especially for us jokers eh. 😀

        • In a previous life I was a grammar Nazi. It’s been years since I got over it though. The younger generation gets it, so why shouldn’t we!

          Just call it typonese.

          • Gezza

             /  July 9, 2017

            (I’ve got too fluent in it. I call it laziness or impatience or both – don’t tell anyone. They mightn’t notice.)

  3. Trumpenreich

     /  July 9, 2017

    Give Trump a chance. He has very powerful enemies including MSM who will be trying their hardest to sabotage him.

    The Globalist technocrats have failed miserably, their European project lies in ruins. They are terrified by this Nationalist populist upswelling.

    • There didn’t seem to be much terror in Hamburg over Trump. He looked a bit like an uncomfortable fish out of water. He likes managed media adoration, but hasn’t grown into one on one diplomacy or politics yet, in public at least.

      • Trumpenreich

         /  July 9, 2017

        “There didn’t seem to be much terror in Hamburg over Trump.”

        Yes there is, all those painted on smiles and formalities.

        I’m a bit disappointed Trump hasn’t shoved some of those EU blood suckers around on stage this time :(.

        • So much terror 19 countries stood against Trump and the US.

          • Trumpenreich

             /  July 9, 2017

            If the Globalists are not terrified of this Nationalist uprising why all the 24 7 hysterics in the MSM about “Literally Hitler” etc?

            • You’re grossly overstating a few fringe extremes as if you are terrified of the MSM and want to paint them all as terrible.

            • Trumpenreich

               /  July 9, 2017

              “You’re grossly overstating a few fringe extremes…paint them all as terrible.”

              Every mainstream outlet from CNN to NY Times to BBC is not “fringe extreme”.

              They are all propaganda operations pushing Globalist ideology.

            • Gezza

               /  July 9, 2017

              I agree they’ve gone into petty anti-Trump overdrive, but I’m really thinking a lot of it is just personality clashes and stupid pride on the part of the MSM. They should be focussing on his policies, not his stupid tweets and bombast. Not all his tweets are stupid, & there’s more to him than bombast.

      • One place I really couldn’t give a continental about and that’s Hamburg. As someone who has lived in Deutschland for years, I can be excused for calling the national character what it is. Arrogant, entitled and amnesiac. “Alles must swim ortnung haben”. As long as it’s the way the Germans in their quest for complete federation set it out.

        Let’s remember who stopped them in their previous land and hearts grab, their last efforts to own the whole of Europe and convert them to their meinung. Let’s never forget that it was the Allied Forces who stood between them and European domination. Deja vu???

        • Gezza

           /  July 9, 2017

          Alles muss sein ordnung haben
          If I’ve got that translation right (Google Translate misses a word I think), my colleague I stayed a long weekend with on the way back from London in 1988, an attache at the NZ Embassy in Bonn, said around here you MUST mow your lawns on one partikular day, & put your washing out on other partikular days! You must NOT do these things on other days! Is that what that means, trav? 😳

          • Gezza

             /  July 9, 2017

            That is : Everything must be done properly, ?

            If there is not a rule, or a procedure, one must be devised before it can be done.

            Departures from the rule or the procedure are Verboten!

            • The German character is nowhere as adaptable as, say, we are. They are change resistant, civics aware and very ordere. They must have order to feel secure. Chaos is not good for their meinung.

            • Gezza

               /  July 10, 2017

              Ja, das ist was mir gesagt wurde. Yes, that is what I was told. That order is so much a part of the national character when you live there it really stands out. Even their concept of relaxing, like beer festivals, is very ordered.

              They’re not big on spontaneity, or individuality – in fact doing anything that disrupts the order of the neighbourhood is very upsetting to them & you might find yourself getting socially shunned if the correct behaviour has been drawn to your attention & you don’t then conform.

              That was in the late 80’s, and it was Bonn, the seat of West German government, so I didn’t know if was representative of the entire national character – but you seem to be saying it still is.

              Blazer challenges that below, I see. Missy posted a witty image the other day that summed up the “national character” for problem-solving. I thought it was funny because while there are obviously always exceptions to the general perception of how, say the French, or the Brits, or the Aussies, or the Italians tend to behave as a group – it’s a real thing, isn’t it? And when you immigrate, you bring it with you.

              I met quite a lot of Dutch people when I had two Dutch flatmates, & I’d known a few as a kid back in New Plymouth who’s come out under the special Assisted Passage scheme we had with The Netherlands. They were always a bit louder than everyone else & VERY direct. That directness took a bit of getting used to. One didn’t realise how much tact is really the norm here socially until someone encountered a group of folk for whom it was a foreign concept – but who don’t mean to offend & who are no problem once you realise, oh well, just be direct, they won’t be offended – or if they are – they’ll soon tell you!

            • Possibly true but very generalised and there are many exceptions. From what I’ve seen I think the Swiss are noticeably more ordered than the Germans.

            • Gezza

               /  July 10, 2017

              Which really just reinforces the point, doesn’t it, Pete? The thing is, one can validly generalise when one’s seen enough of a sample to notice a general characteristic, & it’s a part of learning to understand why people of some cultures can, for example, struggle to settle when their culture has norms or elements that contradict the way the locals behave. Its hard to define the kiwi national character – I guess one good way to start would be to ask a bunch of immigrants & compile it from the aggregation of their perspectives.

        • Blazer

           /  July 9, 2017

          Very simplistic dissertation of German s.

    • Joe Bloggs

       /  July 9, 2017

      “Give Trump a chance”

      What a load of apologetic snowflakes claptrap Trumpenreich. Being President of the USA is not a learn-on-the-job project

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  July 9, 2017

        It is for the media.

        • “VERY direct. That directness took a bit of getting used to.”

          Now, that bit I got to like and even embraced. It also helped me when I used to trade with the Dutch after I came back to NZ. The Low-landers and Germans in general, are keen on understanding you and your motivations. Knowing this serves them well – they believe it serves both parties well – both personally and business-wise. Getting used to it is the challenge.

          South Africans that come here are initially quite thrown by our lack of directness.

          • Gezza

             /  July 10, 2017

            There was one in the sports bar at the AB game. He said he was supporting the Lions. He had no problems with my directness. We got on fine. Funnily, there was a Scot there too & he was supporting the All Blacks. Ma said, I hear it’s quite a rough place – I quite enjoyed it. Ma (my mother-in-law) knows everything & she’s mostly wrong. I don’t haunt bars much these days but it was a good place to be for the game. God there were some real characters there – mostly blokes, over half of them warmly blotto! 😀

            • Gezza

               /  July 10, 2017

              PS: When I used to go to pubs reasonably frequently, after two beers or a double scotch & dr, apparently I always got very direct & the only thing that saved me was my sense of humour & knowing when to exit.

  4. Sein not swim

  5. lurcher1948

     /  July 9, 2017

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