Little concedes further

When Labour tied themselves and their election chances to the Greens last year in a Memorandum of Understanding it was seen as a major concession that Labour could no longer  compete head to head with National. That was seen as a very risky move, and it seems to have backfired.

Then earlier this year Andrew Little seemed to concede he didn’t have the necessary voter pulling power and allied himself with newly installed deputy Jacinda Ardern.

Recently Labour revealed that effectively they would be campaigning on a joint Little-Ardern ticket. All there promotions including billboards feature both of them.

So instead of the traditional Labour leader competing with Bill English the strategy had become Andrew and Metiria and James and Jacinda versus English. Voters looking for leadership Had either one choice or a lot of choices.

And Little has now conceded even further.

Newshub:  ‘I want Greens and NZ First in my Govt’ – Andrew Little

Andrew Little has revealed publicly for the first time that he wants and needs both the Greens and New Zealand First to form a government.

“We can form a good government and I want the Green Party to be part of that and the New Zealand First party to be part of that,” he told Newshub.

“We have a lot of common ground with the Green Party, we have a lot of common ground with New Zealand First. I think our three parties offer New Zealand the best chance of fixing the problems we know New Zealanders want us to fix.”

“I’m totally confident that I am capable of putting together if the numbers fall our way a government that will have a good solid programme of change involving up to three parties”.

“Well I’m very confident that Winston wants to change things that at the moment need to be changed that are not changing and won’t change under a National led government.”

That exudes anything but confidence in his and Labour’s chances.


This photo is from a campaign meeting Little had in Timaru yesterday (Stuff refer to it as ‘supplied’) – that picture paints many words about Little’s confidence.

Little is now relying on five leaders and three parties to succeed with a supposed ‘fresh approach’.

If Little and Labour are to avoid crashing and burning badly a real fresh approach is needed. Just painting “a fresh approach” on billboards won’t fool the voters, and neither will claiming confidence in a terrible position, not will his current body language.

Unless Little gives himself an urgent makeover and starts to be himself rather than a packaged party puppet things look like they may end badly.

It’s very late in the election game, it may be too late to turn things around, but going down with boldness and dignity would be better than the sorry slide we are witnessing now.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  14th July 2017

    As. I said, now we just have Sad Andy, not Angry Andy. I presume the Green Labour MOU was another McCarten strategic disaster?

    It seems only fair that people advocating bad policies should also employ bad strategies.

  2. A committee leadership. There’ll be 5 of them having turn about at leader. Imagine the House with the Nats with a huge majority ( compared to every other Party). They’d be mocked from morning to night.

    It’s hard to imagine how a party like the Greens could be so utterly stupid. To me it’s evidence there’s trouble at mill. Not just a loose screw in Barry Coates, but I suggest the Miller siblings (Shaw and Turei) are at loggerheads and the millhands confused and compromised. If the media did their jobs ( unlikely), they’d be on to these numpties relentlessly.

    Martin/Martyn over at thedailybog is reeling so much from the Greens ” needless clusterfuck” that I can imagine the spittle on his screen. He quotes newshub first.

    “In an extraordinary move, Mr Coates has said a Labour-NZ First Government would be “unacceptable” to the Greens.

    Asked by Newshub if this meant forcing the country back to the polls for another election, Mr Coates responded: “It could do.”

    Mr Coates also said Green MPs had discussed refusing to support a Labour-NZ First combination as a caucus in the past fortnight.

    “[Labour-NZ First] could not count on the support of the Green Party there is no automatic support that is provided for a Government under those circumstances,” Mr Coates said.”( newshub)

    “…Shaw is now trying to claim that this wasn’t discussed and wasn’t the strategy.

    So who are you going to believe? James Shaw, a former coke-cola consultant or Barry Coates, the former Executive Director of Oxfam? (Trav says – the moral imperative of a charity director’s utterances v someone in sales is one thing Bomber, but isn’t the #twicerrgisteredone effectively confusing his following argument by elevating Coates in this one! )

    He continues.

    “This is a needless cluster fuck by the Green leadership who should never have embarked on this kamikaze attack on Winston in the first place.

    The Greens look divisive, they look like they don’t want to actually change the Government and they will look like hypocrites if they do in fact sit down to work with ‘racists’.

    The Greens have allowed their uber woke middle class Twitter activists to call the shots on strategy and are paying a heavy price for that stupidity.

    This is a total home goal by a Party who are increasingly looking like they are unable to function in any Government.

    Winston will be laughing all the way to the ballot box. Un-fucking-believable bullshit by the Greens.”

    Confused at Bomber’s position. I am.

  3. Corky

     /  14th July 2017

    Andy is dreaming if he thinks he and Winston can work together. There can only be one organ grinder and one monkey in such a coalition. Winston always likes holding the grinding handle in such situations.

    • Conspiratoor

       /  15th July 2017

      Allow me to disagree brother corks. Winston has in the past proved himself to be a capable minister in a coalition. Provided of course the baubles are commensurate. This time he appears to hold more leverage, so the baubles will simply increase in proportion

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  15th July 2017

        HC managed Winnie perfectly by giving him a job with lots of talking, travelling, international status and opportunities for a quiet dram. Anything other than that will see him get restless and start jerking the strings to get noticed. Problem is he will expect a step up from the last slot but Deputy PM is unlikely to keep him as happy.

        • Conspiratoor

           /  15th July 2017

          If it wasn’t for his advanced age I might tend to agree. This time he is a lot older and might decide to dial back the testosterone in favour of a well overdue retirement job

  4. Pete Kane

     /  14th July 2017

    Wonder if this will gain a ‘little’ negative traction. Well I suppose he can’t spend all his time attacking poor old Bill.

    Did Labour get ripped off by their ad agency?
    “Looks like the fresh approach doesn’t apply to their ad agency, or indeed their campaign ideas”

    • PDB

       /  14th July 2017

      Is it just me or is Jacinda’s pic on the above billboard very unflattering? Also looks like some high school kid with her dad.

      • Pete Kane

         /  14th July 2017

        Could never understand the fuss about her looks in the first place. Looks very ‘ordinary’ to me Pants.

      • Patzcuaro

         /  14th July 2017

        Just you and Pete , the billboard looks ok to me but if you are one eyed I’m sure you can find fault with it.

  5. PDB

     /  14th July 2017

    There is only one winner in this – the current govt parties. The factionist left have blown up before the election and have yet again proven they are unfit to run the country leaving them worse off than before the 2014 election. Anyone voting for this mob this election obviously does not hold the country’s best interests at heart.

    *Labour are a disaster. The intern thing showed very poor judgement, a lack of awareness and showed Little and the head honchos as more than dishonest as to their knowledge of it. Labour is too weak to campaign on their own as is Andrew Little by having to share a billboard with Ardern who will be irrelevant post-election if NZL First and the Greens are in govt and demanding positions. Their workplace policies are a return of the non-competitive old days of the 1970’s which would set the country back decades. The Greens are politically toxic, Helen knew it and she would never have done a formal governance deal with the Greens prior to the election.

    *The Greens don’t really want to be in govt and have their policies tested hence they attack the other party they need to form a govt thus setting their chances back. The Greens were never going to pick up many votes from NZL First, dismiss this as the reason behind their recent brain-fart. TOP may pick up 1-2% of Green voters from their actions. James Shaw now looks like he is lying about what is discussed at Green HQ. Turei admits she is happy to be in a 3-way govt with a party she considers racist. A mess.

    *NZL First also doesn’t come out of this looking rosy. Winston relies on supporters not knowing who he is going to go with post-election, now it looks more than likely to be with National – will this affect those many ex-Labour supporters that have jumped on his bandwagon? The fact NZL First is not ruling out working with the obviously deranged Green party might see some ex-National/conservative party supporters jump back to National/ACT. Shane Jones is a ticking time bomb.

  1. Little concedes further — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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