Green Infrastructure Fund

James Shaw announced new Green Party environmental policy today:

Green Infrastructure Fund to help NZ become carbon neutral by 2050

The Green Party today announced a plan to kick-start the green economy, create jobs in the clean technology and infrastructure sectors, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Green Infrastructure Fund will be a magnet to attract funding, and channel it towards the clean technology and infrastructure projects that will reduce New Zealand’s contribution to climate change.

“The Green Investment Fund will be the Kiwibank of the clean economy, kick-starting our transition to a carbon neutral economy by 2050,” Green Party Co-leader James Shaw said.

“New Zealand needs to jump on board the global response to climate change and get a piece of the economic action, instead of letting it pass us by.

“Around the world, people are building more clean energy like solar and wind than fossil fuels, but in New Zealand National has held us back from embracing clean economic opportunities.

“Under National, New Zealand will keep subsidising oil drilling instead of creating jobs in clean technologies. Only the Greens will change that.

“National has built a lot of motorways, but they’ve let other infrastructure deteriorate. The Green Infrastructure Fund will renew investment in the infrastructure we need, like clean energy, efficient buildings, sustainable agriculture, and waste reduction projects to keep New Zealand going for decades to come.

“The Green Investment Fund will help New Zealand increase our economic prosperity while at the same time reducing our contribution to climate change, as many European countries are beginning to do.

“Over time, the Fund will see billions of dollars used to build clean energy sources, sustainable agriculture projects, and the infrastructure our cities need to grow without compromising the environment.

“Being carbon neutral by 2050 is an ambitious goal, but it is the people who lack ambition who pose the biggest threat to our prosperity as a country,” Mr Shaw said.

James Shaw speech to the Green Party AGM: Green Infrastructure Fund


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  1. John Schmidt

     /  15th July 2017

    The difficulty is providing a fund that ultimately leads to a profitable implementation of this technology, without that profitabilty its is not sustainable and will ultimately fail under a mountain of debt or horrendous rates of taxation.
    Developing anythimg outside of market needs is fraught with danger as has been demonstrated over and over by various socialist leaning governments through out the world.
    Can anyone point to any success in this area of govenment investment being proposed by the Greens.

    • David

       /  16th July 2017

      Solyndra? It only lost hundreds of millions, not the billions the Greens plan on losing.

  2. alloytoo

     /  15th July 2017

    It may interest Mr Shaw that Electric cars use the roads too.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  15th July 2017

    It is the people who lack a chainsaw who pose the biggest threat to our prosperity as a country – because they pontificate about stuff they know nothing about.

  4. artcroft

     /  15th July 2017

    I have a fabulous green plan to make NZ great again. It’s a wall. But not just any wall. A solar wall. A solar wall with holes in it. I’m not sure where this wall will be but Australia will pay for it. And the Greens will pay me. If you want to make NZ great again join the team and uptick this post and register your support at

    See you there NZ.


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