The Nation – Winston Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters will be interviewed (or at least attempted to be interviewed) on The Nation this morning (9:30 am on TV3).

The party is having it’s convention/conference this weekend.

The 24th Annual New Zealand First Party Convention and AGM

Located in the heart of South Auckland at the Vodafone Events Centre, come along and experience democracy in action with likeminded members.

Whether this is your 24th Convention or your very first, this is a unique opportunity for delegates and observers to contribute to policy and elect the movers and shakers responsible for managing the Party.

The Convention is a members only event. Join now to attend or come along to our free public address Sunday July 16th at the Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau.

Peters says he isn’t surprised that the Greens ‘colluded’ with Labour over attacking NZ First.

Re who will be leader of the Opposition Peters talks about Labour dropping from 26 to 22 and ‘Andrew isn’t leader’.

He says that millions of people want NZ First for a real change in financial direction that they won’t get from Labour or Greens.

Does he aim to block the Greens from being in Government? His usual diversion.

He says ‘Joe Bloggs shouldn’t be scared of the greens, they’ve never made it”. He says they tossed their toys out of the cot last week (it was this week).

He says he has never considered Labour+Greens was ever going to happen.

He says Turei has never spoken to him on this matter (after some vague waffling).

But he won’t commit to it being a bottom line.

He is asked if he has given up smoking – he can’t even answer that straight. He has said elsewhere he has stopped smoking.



  1. John Schmidt

     /  July 15, 2017

    This interview is precisely why I will never vote NZ First. The rantings of someone whose intellect struggles, listen to Winstons words and he struggles to string together a coherent sentance, always has always will. Some when he grandstands in Parliament.
    The worst part Winston is the best of the worst. NZ First is the party to be in if your abilities limit your options with any other political party. NZ First list persons have no hope in hell at being good enough to make any other party list. Yet 11 or so % are willing to have NZ First MP’s as their leaders something I have never understood.

    • Gezza

       /  July 15, 2017

      I better have a look. Been up the line in Levin all day. Winston is master of sophistry. I still remember when the Owen Glenn doanation ‘scandal’ blew up, he was overseas Foreign Ministering somewhere & he promised to make a statement responding to the allegations on return.

      When he did appear before the reporters he launched into what seemed like one of the longest, most complicated sentences I have ever heard. And when he finished, on the telly, I was scratching my head & thinking – “that didn’t actually make any sense”. A few days later, someone, a blogster or a reporter, quoted it word for word, & stated exactly the same thing.

      I’ve googled on several occasion to see if I can find it – but no luck. I would certainly describe his unscripted utterance as erratic!

      • @Gezza. Just call me your nasty researcher. 😉

        “New Zealand First leader Winston has categorically denied his party received an anonymous donation from expatriate billionaire Owen Glenn.

        Mr Peters, who has just returned from an overseas trip, called a press conference to reject reports published while he was away and berate journalists for writing them.

        “I want to know why this media mountain has been built from a factually incorrect molehill,” said Mr Peters, who came to the press conference carrying a large piece of white cardboard with ‘NO’ printed on it.

        “It is a downright lie to claim by innuendo that any money came to New Zealand First from Owen Glenn.”

        The issue arose during the controversy over Mr Glenn’s involvement with the Labour Party and his donations to it.

        Mr Glenn said he had given money to other parties, and when he was asked whether one of them was NZ First he replied “go and ask the party”.
        NZ First president Dail Jones subsequently told reporters there had been a large donation late last year, but when he checked with the bank he had not been able to find out where it came from.

        Mr Peters said Mr Jones had been mistaken and the amount referred to was a consolidation of monies in various accounts.

        “We have had anonymous donations – $10, $20, $50 – for a long long time because some people used to think one day the communists might take over and they’d be in the firing line,” Mr Peters said.

        Mr Peters was asked about Mr Glenn’s comment that he was in line to be appointed New Zealand’s honorary consul in Monaco, where he lives, which was another controversial issue while Mr Peters was away.

        As Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Peters would make the appointment.

        He said the Government had not even made a decision about whether it wanted a consul in Monaco, although he did confirm that Mr Glenn had expressed an interest in the position.

        Mr Peters, who is also Minister for Racing, said he knew Mr Glenn because the billionaire owned a famous race horse called Railings.

        “That’s how I first met him…we had a discussion on a whole range of things,” he said.

        “He has never offered me money, and we don’t ask anyone for money.”

        • Gezza

           /  July 17, 2017

          Thanks trav. It’s a good attempt. I’ve found that in my quests before, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. There’s reportage in there. The writer breaks it up & summarises different things he said.

          It must have been a blogger I’m thinking of. He wuote exactly what Winston said in the sequence in which he said it in reply to, or at the start of, his presser. I remember going away to google up – again – exactly what “sophistry” actually means. Because it was a long continuous string of words – or maybe a few sentences & phrases – that kind of sounded like they made sense in places – & would have had the intellectually slow among his supporters nodding in disgusted agreement – but which, in total, weren’t even a circular argument.

          There were so many non-sequiturs it was eye-watering. And when it ended, you realised, I really have to see that written down word for word – I don’t think it actually answered anything, at all, whatsoever – but the reporters probably don’t know where to start with questinning it! Their minds will be boggling too much!

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  July 15, 2017

    If Labour’s vote falls to 22% Little will be pleased not to be re-elected and be knifed from every direction.

  3. Jack P

     /  July 17, 2017

    “NZ First is the party to be in if your abilities limit your options with any other political party.”

    NZ first is the only party tackling the problems we have here in New Zealand. What I have seen of National and Labour, both neoliberals, and now the greens trying to fast pace us to a new world order. Greens are panicking which is why they call Winston a racist and the POT party attacking Winston because they want to be relevant. You can talk strategy till your blue in the face and is more like mental masturbation, a complete waste of time. You seem to forget Brexit, Trump and Jeremy Corbyn. Winston’s time has come.