Some humour in politics

Sorry Rodney, this is sad, but it’s also funny.

As a former leader of the Act Party I am expert on poor polls and being written off ahead of every election. It’s no fun.

I well remember after suffering months of unremitting bad news and negative reports getting a text from a senior journalist: “Congratulations!”

I was staying in yet another town a long way from home, exhausted, vainly trying to drum up support.

I remember the elation. Wow. Finally some good news. Filled with eager anticipation I texted: “Thx. Wot 4?” The answer shot back: “Sry. Wrong no.”

That’s very funny.

I have had some low moments in politics but that would be without doubt the lowest.

That’s sad. Politics can be a very hard and thankless job.

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  1. sorethumb

     /  16th July 2017

    Politics can be a very hard and thankless job.
    That’s why politicians need the Media Party

    This is funny too
    Teresa May.
    “When immigration is too high,” she said, “When the pace of change
    is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society. It’s difficult
    for schools and hospitals and core infrastructure like housing and
    transport to cope. And we know that for people in low-paid jobs, wages
    are forced down even further while some people are forced out of work

    There is, she added, “no case, in the national
    interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last

    Despite the loud howls of horror, there is nothing in
    those statements – or anywhere else in her speech – that would surprise
    or horrify most people in Britain. Indeed, the polls consistently tell
    us that the majority of Britons will have agreed with every single word
    that Mrs May said.

    Nine to Noon U.K correspondent :
    “Yes it was quite astonishing she gave a hard line speech pundits say is in line with public opinion”… “she got a beating from the main news papers only the Daily Mail supported her, even Boris Johnson came out and said…”

    Lynn Friedman of the Media Party:
    “well she misjudged that didn’t she?”


  2. Gezza

     /  16th July 2017

    I never liked Rodney. And I don’t seem to like most of his opinions. But God I admired his dogged determination & persistence in the face of adversity when he campaigned, & he had my respect. When he got elected, I thought, “Good on ya mate! You bloody deserved to!”.

  1. Some humour in politics — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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