Bradbury’s Green flip flop

Martyn Bradbury is likely to pick the winner of this year’s election – he is picking some many things one of them is likely to turn out to be close to correct.

Last week he was flipped out on a Green depressive: Can you actually trust voting for Greens after they rule out working with Labour/NZ First?

We accept Green voters think they are better than everyone else, but to just rule out working with anyone to change the Government shows their precious values up for what they actually are, selfishness wrapped in middle class snobbery.

What the Greens are saying is that they will send NZ back to the polls post the 2017 election.

The insanity of this is beyond comprehension.

The question now must be asked of everyone who wants this bloody Government gone, can you really risk voting Green if they are ruling themselves out of changing the Government?

If you want a change of Government the only political parties to party vote for this year are Labour and MANA because the Greens are openly stating they won’t support a NZ First-Labour minority Government.

The Greens are now a middle class party with middle class values and their preference for purity rather than pragmatism means they are simply not ready to be part of a Government.

This week he has flopped to mania: Greens smash Winston out of the park:

The enormity off what the Greens are suggesting in terms of combating our neoliberal welfare state takes a moment to sink in.

It is brave, courageous and ultimately problem solving the brutality of the state on beneficiaries by lifting rates and dumping moral obligations. Metiria’s admission that she had to play the system to survive gives her position validity and true leadership. Those attempting to claim she should be prosecuted are wilfully missing the far bigger picture of poverty and inequality.

This Green policy is a real way to combat poverty. The way this Government have punitively treated beneficiaries I believe has led directly to the surge in homelessness, overcrowding, poverty diseases, crime, suicide and mental health crisis. Green policy would make an immediate difference in the lives of the poorest amongst us and make a stand for a compassionate NZ.

It has vision, it has strength and it was bloody smart politics. Labour are too frightened to do this and the Greens are making a real play for the beneficiary vote (who are 14% of the electorate) that no one has bothered to court openly before.

How completely irrelevant to the reality of most NZers right now Winston. Making our democracy less representative is  not the way we build the future you tired old grump, Winston managed in one conference to show how stale and worn out his ideas sound.

Metiria and the Greens were the real winners today. They showed courage, boldness and a true passion to stand up for the weakest amongst us.

This has given me a reason to enrol.

So from slamming the Greens for not wanting to back NZ First in a coalition he has swung to an anti-NZ First Green Party love affair.

The political winds will likely blow in a different direction next week – Bradbury is politically as reliable as Peters.

A shock cock can be right at one point in an election campaign.

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  1. Thanks for this.

    I nearly choked myself laughing at Bradbury’s last sentence.

    “This has given me a reason to enrol.”

    Would we have Martin/Martyn and perhaps Marten at the same address?

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  18th July 2017

      Strewth. Would you buy a used idea from this man?

      • Gezza

         /  18th July 2017

        Nup. For a start they never work. And beyond that, the spare parts don’t fit, & his batteries for them just generate a a whole lot of heat before they all seem to simply melt into embarrassing pools of wrong-againness on the floor.

  2. PDB

     /  18th July 2017

    More free money with no strings attached certainly gets Bradbury to change his mind……


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