Whale against the tide

Whale has appeared to have become a convert to Winston Peters and NZ First over the last few months. If things as they appear that would make Cameron Slater a bigger political somer saulter than Martyn Bradbury.

Such is the profound change from sustained attack to frequent promoter it has raised questions about whether money was involved. Whale Oil have some history of being a campaigner for hire.

But such is the lack of reaction or negative reaction to Winston Peters puff pieces, and such is the strength of reaction to attacks on National, on John Key and on Bill English once could be a bit suspicious of whether a reverse psychology game is being played.

Today in Matthew Hooton on John Key’s legacy whoever complied the article quoted Matthew Hooton’s latest NBR column:

But, in the end, Mr Key just couldn’t be bothered. Instead he wasted his eight years as prime minister on a personal project of self-aggrandisement that has ceded all ideological territory to the left. It means Mr English and Mr Joyce will almost certainly respond to Labour’s latest spending promises with new claims on the taxpayers’ wallet of their own – and they will probably be making the right political judgment in doing so.

The one hope to avoid an entirely braindead campaign is that while Mr Key turned out to be as shallow as an empty birdbath, Mr English is clearly capable of considerable ideological depth.

Whoever wrote the article then said:

John Key squandered his personal political capital. Not on useful things, but on stupid, idiotic things that were never going to make a difference to anyone, like the flag referendum. That was the beginning of the end for John Key. He realised that he could no longer sway people his way. They flipped the bird at him and killed off his personal project. I imagine his decision to jack it all in came shortly after the referendum results.

It’s sad really, no one will remember John Key in 3 years time. His high popularity was for naught.

Key was knighted last month and a few days ago Sir John Key receives Australia’s highest honour so he doesn’t seem to have been forgotten yet. Slater may not have forgotten being dropped off Key’s phone list three years ago after Dirty Politics came out in the open, but the Whale Oil troops don’t seem to hold the same grudge.

Sounds a little bitter if you ask me. Yes he could’ve done more to further a centre right philosophy instead of pinching votes with centre left antics but some might say this was required to stay on the treasury benches.

– Steve Kay, currently 11 upticks

No one will remember John Key in three years? Rubbish!
He is and will remain one of our most internationally respected politicians and New Zealand Prime Ministers.

– Jude, currently 29 upticks

John Key was the best politician of my lifetime. Did he go to the left? Yes, under MMP it is political suicide to ignore what middle voting families want.
I have never blamed Key, and the fact that the left vilified him for being Mr nice-guy says more about them than him.

– KGB, currently 20 upticks

He wasted his eight years as Prime Minister leading us through a global financial crisis and coming out at the top of the world. He wasted his eight years as Prime Minister coping with two catastrophic earthquakes in Christchurch and a catastrophic earthquake in Kaikoura, and yet somehow the country is still not bankrupt. If anyone else was Prime Minister during that period we would probably now have the economy of Venezuela.

– Uncle Bob, currently 30 upticks

John Key did nothing? Apart from getting rid of Helen Clark, steering the country almost effortlessly through the worst recession in our lifetime and coping with not one, but three major earthquakes. Apart from that, you mean?

– MacDoctor, currently 30 upticks

I read Hootens article yesterday. It just reminded me how petty irrelevant people become when their jealously takes hold.

Key was one of our most outstanding PMs

We’re not a country of revolutionaries. We don’t need massive ideological swings. We like stability. Key gave us this in spades.

– Valid Point, currently 22 upticks

If the post was aimed at slagging off Key then it failed badly. But was it designed to rally the troops to show how well Key is liked amongst the Whale commenters?

I doubt it by the look of posts promoting Peters, where Slater has taken to getting directly involved on comments threads, trying to talk against the tide of criticism of Peters. Without much success by the look of the tick balance.

From Vox populi, Vox Dei: On Winston being Prime Minister:


This has become quite common, with anti-National posts getting strong opposition from commenters, and pro-Peters posts getting slammed. And Slater seems to have no potency in his attempts to stem the counter-damage to his agenda.

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  1. Brown

     /  22nd July 2017

    I think Slater is fundamentally a conservative so his options are becoming limited.Winston is the only one preaching a conservative message although I think expecting him to deliver anything except money to his own pocket is for the foolish. The lack of conservative or right wing options is depressing.

  2. sorethumb

     /  22nd July 2017

    it has raised questions about whether money was involved
    isn’t it always? One third of Auckland’s construction is being built by Chinese companies and Chinese workers. Much like our/their tourist industry
    perhaps Cameron Slater is a patriot.
    Mathew Hooten has had an about turn on immigration?

    • sorethumb

       /  22nd July 2017

      The John Key miracle however he couldn’t have done it without the media and left crying racist to anyone displaying a normal and natural response to an invasion.

  3. PDB

     /  22nd July 2017

    I think if oilers are going to vote for another party rather than National it will be for ACT.

    Winston can’t be trusted post-election to go with National and nothing he says can be trusted.

  4. Corky

     /  22nd July 2017

    I looked at this piece on the Whalers site this morning. I read the article then the comments. I did that routine one more time and asked myself: what am I missing…what don’t I understand?

    I’m none the wiser at present.

  5. sorethumb

     /  22nd July 2017


    In this campaign we face opponents backed by corporate millions.

    That’s why New Zealand First relies on everyday New Zealanders to help us financially with our campaign.

    And we spend money more frugally than any other party.

    Your donation will be a big help in financing our “Battle for New Zealand” and allow us to, among other things;

    End mass immigration which is impacting Kiwis trying to buy houses, find jobs, get hospital treatment and even access education
    Promote the first freedom of safety in our homes and on our streets by getting 1800 more police as soon as we can train them
    Care for our old as well as our young
    Keep ownership of New Zealand land and homes in New Zealand hands
    Ensure Regional New Zealand gets its fair share of resources.

    At the heart of all our policies is the goal of putting New Zealand and New Zealanders first.

    With your support, we will make real changes and keep the system honest.

  6. lurcher1948

     /  22nd July 2017

    who was john key, was he that guy before nodding billy

    • Gezza

       /  22nd July 2017

      Nodding Billy could walk into any pub full of farmers & shearers, grab a jug, sit down, & say bugger all & when he left – my cuzzies off the farm n everyone else in that boozer – would tell you he’s great bloke. The same thing happened at Ratana, when everyone realised the dude virtually speaks Maori. Then he can shoot off down to Treasury & ask them to explain this bit here because he thinks its wrong.

      You underestimate him, Lurchy. Andy could walk into my cuzzies’ pub & try to pull the same thing off & everyone would say “What a poseur!” in somewhat more earthy language, as soon as he got back on the bus with the sycophants.

  7. John Schmidt

     /  22nd July 2017

    From what I can see its not so much support for Winston and NZ First its about using them to change Nationals policies and behavior into what Slater thinks National should be like. If National had polices similar or the same as NZ First the support for NZ First would go in a heart beat.

    • Gezza

       /  22nd July 2017

      If National had policies & behaviour like NZ First he’d be whinging they are Labour & the Greens.

  8. duperez

     /  23rd July 2017

    Far too much credit being is given to Slater for being a rational commentator and participant in and on our politics. I’ve heard him described as a useless slob.
    I would say he’s just another guy with a blog site but with a few added extras like lots of chips on his shoulders, being in a deep fit of pique that he is no longer the ‘favoured child’ of any notable politicians, throwing little tantrums, and having a determinedly retributive disposition.

  9. Gezza

     /  23rd July 2017

    Blog article quoted: It’s sad really, no one will remember John Key in 3 years time. His high popularity was for naught.

    PG : Key was knighted last month and a few days ago Sir John Key receives Australia’s highest honour so he doesn’t seem to have been forgotten yet.

    I’ve largely fogotten him. I think there’s quite a bit of truth in that top sentence. I don’t associate John Key with anything particularly usefully momentous, or long-lasting, a spectacular achievement. I remember how shallow, & free & unconcerned with blatantly bullshitting, he was. Also the waste of taxpayer resources on his vanity project, the flag change & other corporate welfare deals he made.

    But I don’t think he did any great harm, I think he did ok managing those managing the GFC & the Christchurch Earthquakes, & I think his governments were stable. There’s room for improvement in the one that follows his.

    • Conspiratoor

       /  23rd July 2017

      Well said G. No vision, forgettable …but competent enough when the earth moves

  10. Conspiratoor

     /  23rd July 2017

    Why single out Slater as a convert and then somewhat scurrilously imply money is involved? Unlike some other bloggers he nails his colours to the mast and surely has the right to change his views. There are many folks who have turned away from the nats in recent years and you might find this reflected in the only poll that matters. Winston just happens to be the only one singing from the ‘what really matters to kiwis’ songsheet. Whether he will deliver once he’s neck deep in the baubles remains a big ‘if’

    • Gezza

       /  23rd July 2017

      Winstein is simply singing medleys from a grab bag of song sheets & using the applause or tomatoes & beer bottles to determine which song he sings next. Until you see & acknowledge this, don’t come back from Alaska until you have figured out a way to move that village to a drier much drier location, preferably one with palm trees where they serve cocktails. I mean this in a warm & very caring way.

    • He isn’t singled out. I also mentioned Bradbury, and he has been more than a convert, he is like a political mercenary.

      The problem for WO is that it is more than suspected that money has played a party in a number of their campaigns. And the style of writing of posts under ‘Cameron Slater’ vary considerably still.

      And the ‘Slater’ shift to promoting Peters is not just a conversion, it’s akin to Metiria leaving the Greens and joining National. It just doesn’t add up based on past attacks on Peters at WO.

      • Conspiratoor

         /  23rd July 2017

        ‘It is more than suspected’. Just step back and ponder for a moment how absurd it would be, for Winston or indeed anyone connected with his campaign, to hand over money to an attack blogger with a nefarious reputation, in order for him to write winstonian puff pieces

        • Just step back and ponder for a moment how absurd a lot of things done at WO are.

          It wouldn’t necessarily need to be Winston or anyone connected with his campaign.

          It’s known that Simon Lusk organises campaigns for fees, and that he has had a close association with Slater and with WO.

          Slater has also said that he will outlast the current Prime Minister (and the last one).

          If NZ First substantialy increase their vote this election and then either form a coalition with National or allow National to govern by sitting on the cross benches fighting over every bit of legislation apart from confidence and supply, Bill English is unlikely to survive. And neither may the National government – that provides opportunities for other aims and ambitions, for both party leader and for the direction of the party.

          If National fall over fighting over the political centre then there will be some who suggest the option then is to swing rightwards.

          • I think I have finally figured the man out. I believe being John Slater’s son weighs pretty heavily on him. He grew up under a court mandarin whose job was to pull strings and put people in place. In that role, ideology and policy are fairly minor considerations. What is important is being able to move the chess pieces about. And that’s all he cares about. His whole deal is to be a big swinging dick about the place. That’s why he’s latched on to Winston – whatever NZFirst believes is secondary to being seen as a relevant influence on the scene.

            He’s actually nothing special in that regard though. Politics is full of people like that, and in fact, very little would get done in political parties (by men at least), without frequently pulling out the tape measure at the urinal, metaphorically speaking. I’ve always despised this nonsense – people who actually succeed in politics and get themselves elected normally don’t engage in it – only the losers and also-rans. The only difference between Slater and every other one of these sad pandas is that he has a blog, and he thinks that means something when pissing against the porcelain. It really doesn’t.

            • He does seem to be desperate to be seen as relevant and powerful.

              What’s the likelihood of a Peters led administration employing Slater as a New Zealand Bannon?

              I think probably close to zero.

        • Con. In my humble opinion the dots being joined here point to the Henry legal support for Slater. It’s all a tad incestuous.

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