Does left-right matter?

Something that struck me when I first saw it, and has nagged at me since, is the imagery on the Labour website (and Facebook) of Andrew Little and Jacinda Ardern.

This is what they use.


And here’s a different version.


Here’s their billboard images:




How do those variations come across?

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  1. Corky

     /  23rd July 2017

    It’s called not letting the left hand image know what the right hand image is doing.
    Looking at the images I think And…zzzzzz.

  2. Kevin

     /  23rd July 2017

    The person on the right is always the focus. It’s because we read from left to right. In countries that read right to left the opposite would be true. That’s my hypothesis anyway 🙂

    • Missy

       /  23rd July 2017

      Probably not a bad hypothesis, I just tested it out (sample size 1), and yeah I think you are right, it seems that we pull our eyes to the right and don’t spend so much time on the left of the page.

      • Brown

         /  24th July 2017

        Most of us are right handed and that means most are safer driving on the left side (as we do). It is more dangerous to have things to hit on your left because we cope better to the right – a natural preference for most. There is a bunch of science why this is so. In reality it means we are more likely to hit things on our left. This is the reason American aircraft carriers have the island on the starboard side. Apart from that tit bit I don’t much care about two flimsy troughers in a photo.

  3. Gezza

     /  23rd July 2017


    • Gezza

       /  23rd July 2017

      Sorry, I’ll expand. It doesn’t matter which side either of those two stand, my impressions are now pretty largely locked in and it would take something momentous for them to change.

      Andy [& Metz] both really want to be Prime Minister. They are trying too hard to be something they are clearly & absolutely not – Prime Minister material.

      Jacinta wants to be a nice person & to be told that she is lots. And something about innocent children. Identifying with them maybe?

      Bill just hopes and wants to be the leader of an overall, on balance, good government, that adjusts its policies & budgets to respond to what it sees as the highest & most useful or socially return-giving funding priorities of the year. Prime Minister material.

      Paula? Dunno yet.

  4. Okay, I’m a photographer. The issue is not who’s on the left or the right. The issue is the moral or ethical integrity of using a photo that has been “flipped”. In my book, that’s an absolute no-no. Only one version is correct, the other is a make believe and portrays them incorrectly. Think I’m being pedantic? I have a colleague who had one ear bitten off so any photo of him which is flipped would obviously false and misleading.

  1. Does left-right matter? — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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