Media watch – Monday

24 July 2017


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  1. The NZ Herald runs a Teachers Union piece on housing…… why they bothered putting a reporters name on it is bemusing….. I would mind better the Union and its associate political party supplied a bunch of the copy as well as the fun Union workers only poll….why not poll non Unionised teachers as well to get a proper picture of what is occurring for new teachers???

    • duperez

       /  July 24, 2017

      Hell, that’s a new one! A newspaper totally basing a story around a press release!
      Uppity bloody teachers’ union, copying The New Zealand Initiative. 😊😊😊

      • Oh Dear – failing to see the points. of which there are two

        Point 1 – When its the a non leftie organisation like the NZ Initiative or non sponsored by a leftie organisation its reported like this – “The Government should consider a special levy on immigrants to cover the increased funding pressure on infrastructure, suggests a new report by think-tank The New Zealand Initiative.” source:

        In the story I linked to the only reason I knew it was a union informercial piece was the article stated who had been polled.

        Point 2 – which of course you didn’t address was why not poll non unionised teachers in Auckland to see what they thought?

        And an additional point, not in my original post, What questions where asked? How were the questions framed?

        A rubbish piece of reporting – I am sure Chippy would be very proud of it…

        • duperez

           /  July 24, 2017

          So you’re saying it’s bullshit. I was getting at the fact that newspapers are full of stuff that comes from press and propaganda releases. Sometimes they come from organisations with highfalutin labels like ‘think-tank The New Zealand Initiative’ which might obscure that they have ‘research’ designed specifically for a task. Sometimes it might come from apparently scornworthy outfits like teacher unions.

          The article gave a perspective clearly tagged: “The survey of 450 new teachers in the primary and intermediate teachers’ union, the NZ Educational Institute, has found that two-thirds of them, including 94 per cent of male teachers under 35, are either leaving or thinking about leaving Auckland.”

          What is wrong with that? It doesn’t set out to be or claim to be an intellectual treatise. It’s just some stuff. They polled their members in a particular cohort. They told us.
          The point you missed is that it simply presented a perspective.

          What you didn’t miss was the opportunity for any teacher union hating, newspaper haters the opportunity to have a silly bitching session.

          • Ah there you go sliding away to invective and disparagement “silly bitching session”, have we touched a nerve?

            the whole article reeked press release on behalf of a Union but only obliquely acknowledge their role in getting the story shaped up…. NZ Intiative and other non left organisations sourced material are always heavily tagged. Its deceptive Dupe as you probably know but it fits your leanings so is ‘saul good man’

            And the survey is bogus and unrepresentative of teachers in general as it only surveyed unionised labour, whereas the article title just talks about “new teachers”, again a nice piece of sleight of hand to drive a barely disguised agenda…

            Keep the faith – Labour will be in power in September – I’m party voting them. the country deserves them in my view….

  2. PDB

     /  July 24, 2017

    From a Stuff story on benefit rorting, specifically solo mums not naming the father………

    “The innocent victims are the children, some 17,700 deprived of $28 a week.”

    If this is true it is staggering. Assuming these protected ‘fathers’ would pay at the low end at least $5,200.00 a year for each child – $93,600 over the child’s life this means the total cost to the taxpayer of these guys not paying anything is $1,656,720.00. That’s not including the fact the govt would be paying a lot more per child so at the very least double or triple that figure.

    This is not something the taxpayer/govt should be ashamed of but it should be the mothers shamed where they choose to not name the father unless for legitimate reasons like rape etc. No doubt a large chunk of these mothers receive payments from the unnamed father under the table.

    In today’s age of DNA we should be putting more emphasis on who the father is & ensuring they front up to their financial responsibilities, not doing what the Greens are suggesting in that no father should be named so that taxpayers are left the tab for even more ‘fatherless’ children whilst mothers are free to receive a full solo mums benefit and undeclared cash from the father.

    • Gezza

       /  July 24, 2017

      Yep. It’s time for compulsory DNA testing to be mandated by law. Establishing paternity beyond doubt has two benefits:
      1. it positively identifies the real dad & puts them in the window for them & the families to help out paying for their kids’ upbringing
      2. it positively excludes those falsely accused of being the dad & puts the onus on mum & the families to take responsibility for her either lying or putting it about so much she doesn’t even know.

      • PDB

         /  July 24, 2017

        No doubt the left would then talk about the ‘right’s of beneficiaries. In my mind if you are dependent on the state then your ‘rights’ are those dictated to you by the govt including being honest as to your financial situation & providing all relevant documentation, making an effort to become self-sufficient and doing your utmost to ascertain who the father of your children is so that they share the burden of bringing those children up.

        Taking $28 a week off solo mums who haven’t named the father is not a deterrent when the fathers are paying the mother a lot more than that under the table.

        Turei’s case in particular has the father of her child well known to all and sundry & actively involved in their daughters upbringing but seemingly the govt couldn’t get money from him to offset her benefit because he simply wasn’t named on the birth certificate.

        • Gezza

           /  July 24, 2017

          I think you make some good points there. But I’m not one to criticise, as you know.

  3. PDB

     /  July 24, 2017

    Great podcast series on the Bain killings…..

  4. sorethumb

     /  July 24, 2017

    German media lost its objectivity during the influx of a million migrants and contributed to deep divisions in society by ignoring legitimate concerns, a hard-hitting academic study will say today.

    Daily newspapers took on the role of public educators for Angela Merkel’s “welcoming culture” and failed in their role to scrutinise and cover all views, according to the report led by a former senior editor at Die Zeit weekly newspaper.

    Mainstream media suppression of critical voices and its suspicion that those who did not support government policy were xenophobic helped drive some Germans into more extreme opposition, the report will say.

    “A great proportion of journalists misjudged their professional role and neglected the investigative function of the media,” said Michael Haller, the editor who wrote the report, in advance of its publication…

    “The so-called mainstream media” mainly backed Mrs Merkel’s generous refugee policies and uncritically took on “the slogans of the political elite”, Die Zeit added…

    The report concludes that moralistic reporting by national and regional newspapers “massively contributed” to a loss of trust in the mainstream media and a split in German society.

  5. Gezza

     /  July 24, 2017

    Shit, I’ve missed 1ewes tonite. Is it worth watching later? Anyone?

    • Gezza

       /  July 24, 2017

      I’ll take that as a ‘no’. 🕶

    • Is it ever?

      • Gezza

         /  July 26, 2017

        Oh yes. I adore watching Wendy Petrie & Renee, especially when they do those standing, full-body shots. Whether it is worth listening to is another matter altogether. Some o f their political reporting, especially by Katie Bradford & occasionally, The Vance, is unadulterated Entertainment Tonite-style rubbish. But Corin Dann is very good, imo.

        Their selection of news, and the way they interpolate light entertainment with serious items, is frustrating, & overall I find a lot of it rather inconsequential & sound-bitey – even vacuous – but I still think they are better than tv3.