Clear signal from National on support parties

It’s good to see the era of farcical nods, winks, cups of tea and media mania are over. Today National clearly signalled which parties and electorates they would help to try and maximise the chances of returning the current Government much as it is.

National signals election intentions

Prime Minister Bill English today signalled National’s intention to work with support partners – United Future and ACT – in this year’s General Election.

“Under MMP, voters determine the make-up of the Government by voting a combination of parties into Parliament, which means every election is close.

“After the election, parties must then work together to form and maintain a stable Government and voters want to know what party combinations are possible.”

In February, Mr English made it clear that if National is re-elected his preference is to continue working with ACT, the Māori Party and United Future.

“While we don’t always agree, our four parties have maintained a stable and successful Government since late 2008 and we would like to see that continue for the benefit of New Zealanders,” Mr English says.

“New Zealand’s political stability over the last several years has given this country a consistent economic advantage over many other countries we compare ourselves with.

“We are encouraging National supporters to give their electorate vote to ACT candidate, David Seymour, in Epsom, and United Future candidate, Peter Dunne, in Ohariu – and their party vote to National.

“To be clear, we want to increase our party votes in those electorates and that’s what our National Party candidates will be working hard to do.

“Our MPs are working hard throughout New Zealand to increase our party vote, so we can earn the right to stay in Government, keep the economy growing and provide opportunities for all New Zealanders.”

Media seemed a bit taken aback by this forthright approach, perhaps because it has removed one of their traditional election games.

Some quibbled over whether there was less preference for the Maori Party or not, and predictably Patrick Gower glowered about ‘dirty deals’, but the reality under MMP is that most parties now get involved in boosting their own chances by helping others.

  • Labour and Greens helped Winston Peters in the Northland by-election.
  • Greens helped Labour in the Mt Roskill by-election.
  • Greens and Labour worked together in the Mt Albert by-election.
  • Greens are not standing a candidate in Ohariu to try to help Labour candidate Greg O’Connor against Peter Dunne, who is in turn being assisted by National.

So it makes sense to be up front and early on signalling intentions, before the media have a chance to make an issue about it, and so voters have a clear choice.

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  1. Corky

     /  26th July 2017

    Good on Billy English. I would love him to cut Winston out of the equation. He needs to drop one more lolly before the election to rattle the soft Winston support. It’s a long shot. But long shots are the ultimate when you pull them off.

  2. Gezza

     /  26th July 2017

    I hope Bill gets just enough MPs to be willing & able to swing a coalition deal with the Maori Party. Having to include WRP will be a recipe for disaster. The man’s by nature an attention-seeking disrupter, not a team player. And a jinx. He ultimately kills governments he’s part of.

  3. Gezza

     /  26th July 2017

    Here’s my man for my candidate vote.

    Suppose he’ll have an uphill battle against Hon Mr Dunne if the Nats are telling the faithful well-heeled to vote for Mr Bow Tie. Still, ya never know. Labour needs some new original thinkers who can handle the media, & the stroppies, & the stodgies, & reality – and this guy can, I’ll wager.

    When it’s all over & they assess the battle damage & put the current commander into a desk job somewhere, they might have a chance next time round if they get their act together.

    If they don’t, hopefully this guy & a few others with clues, might maybe start up a Social Democrats party, rip off & tweak the worthwhile policies from all the other contenders (in the time-honoured fashion), announce they’ll go into coalition with anyone, & get working on becoming a real alternative to National, whose policies will probably be looking like a poorly-patched OS by the end of the next term.

  4. sorethumb

     /  27th July 2017

    Nationalcant avoid this

    Click to access Kaufmann-and-Goodwin.pdf

    Meta analysis concludes whites clearly see diversity as a threat and it increases as diversity increases. So no,Mr Woodhouse: we don’t and never did celebrate diversity.Too much immigration is just invasion.

    • Corky

       /  27th July 2017

      ”Meta analysis concludes whites clearly see diversity as a threat and it increases as diversity increases.”

      Quite true:

      1- To their lifestyle( crime and weird foreign practices).

      2- To their wallet.

      3- To their native culture ( eg Muslim prayer rooms in Aotearoa)

      The funny thing about these studies are they’re always about ” Whitey.” Wouldn’t it be great to see what Asian cultures think about diversity. Oh,that’s right, They don’t have diversity. You either accept the local culture or you fuck off….simple.


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