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29 July 2017

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  1. Missy

     /  July 29, 2017

    Monday (31 July) marks the centenary for the beginning of the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele), NZ entered the battle on 12 October.

    This week in Trafalgar Square there has been a Mud Soldier sculpted out of mud from Flanders. This has been commissioned by the Flanders Tourism Board and set up to tie in with the beginning of the Third Battle of Ypres. The city of Westminster was closed as two VCs from the battle were born in Westminster.

    Water has been sprayed onto the soldier slowly eroding it, and through the week the sculpture has been ‘melting’. I walk through Trafalgar Square every day to and from work and have been watching as the soldier was first sculpted then as it has slowly eroded.

    It has been very moving, though I think more so when you think of the NZ connection to Passchendaele.

    NZ has services in October in Flanders to commemorate the battle, I will be there as my Great Great Uncle fought in Passchendaele, and though he survived that he was killed that December whilst out on a recce, he is buried in the Buttes New British Cemetery outside of Ypres.

    • Gezza

       /  July 29, 2017

      💂🏻 ❤️

      Excruciatingly poignant & very fitting, Missy. 🌹

  2. Corky

     /  July 29, 2017

    This story really annoys me. Here you have a women who has done good work, but like so many of her ilk she loses touch with reality and starts making, in my opinion, ill conceived comments.

    I knew she had a problem when she supported Chris Brown coming to New Zealand. Shortly after Brown was charged with assault. We wouldn’t have heard boo from her if the musician had been Eminem.

    • Blazer

       /  July 29, 2017

      Tait is a venal, self serving, tragic example of never wanting her 5 minutes of fame. run. ..out.

  3. Corky

     /  July 29, 2017

    Trumpy has big decisions to make; fast. He either takes on Russian, or that chap with a very bad haircut. Either way people are going to get hurt. This is a grim situation.

  4. Gezza

     /  July 29, 2017

    Just for you Lurchy:

  5. Corky

     /  July 29, 2017

    Here’s a hint, Lurchy: if you know the right people good things happen…like night follows day.

    Now, if you know the wrong people…you become deluded and vote for all manner of strange minor parties you know LITTLE about.

    When the nice lady at the booth reads out your voting choices: remember!!!

    Think Right.
    Vote Right.
    Be Right.
    Simple, Right?

    And that’s it. She’ll tick the box for you.

    • Gezza

       /  July 29, 2017

      Simple, Right?

      Yeah, I reckon. Only some though.

      • Corky

         /  July 29, 2017

        That’s not Lurchy’s fault. I spelt every step of the way out for him. I’m not a miracle worker…just a realist.

        • Gezza

           /  July 29, 2017

          Do you mind repeating that? I can’t make it out thru the smoke I apparently generate when I talk to you.

            • Corky

               /  July 29, 2017

              ps- love the photo of Mikey and the missus wearing sunglasses at what looks like a tennis tournament. Talk about living the Remuera/ Parnell dream.

            • Gezza

               /  July 29, 2017

              Good man. 👍🏼

              I’ll read it a bit later. I like Mikey. Well, I don’t mind him in miniscule doses.

              But I like that he gets to air his viewpoint because it’s usually a perfectly valid & iunderstandable viewpoint.

              John Campbell, by comparison, comes over to me as a holier-than-thou, sanctimonious prig. He got the push from that load of codswallop that is tv3 because so many viewers eventually concluded the same, I reckon, & it became utterly tiresome in the end.

              I couln’t believe somebody would actually be dumb enough to start a petition to try & get rid of Mikey. Nutjobs. Dunno wot happened to his ratings but wouldn’t be surprised if they rose.

            • PDB

               /  July 29, 2017

              The petitioner:

              Isn’t there an argument in favour of people like Hosking and diversity of opinion? 

              “I have heard a lot of this argument. It’s akin to saying there is a bottle store at the end of the street, if don’t want the booze then just keep walking. Point being if something is harmful to our social harmony and New Zealanders caring about each other then leaving then we have a responsibility to get rid.”

              I don’t particularly like Hosking therefore I don’t watch him but we start heading down a slippery slope when a group of people want him off prime time TV because they don’t like his ‘right-wing’ views.

              Is he racist? No – his views on the New Plymouth Mayor being wrong in wanting to create an unelected Maori ward were backed up when 83% of people there overwhelming voted against it.

              A better bottle store comparison is that in the petitioner’s mind he is happy the bottle store exists and is ‘harmful to our society’ as long as it is only stocking his product and in the end the outcome he wants materializes regardless of any damage done to people on the way to that objective.

  6. Corky.

     /  July 29, 2017

    Is your water chlorinated? That may be a problem for your health. If you are born in a chlorinated district you know no different, so you wonder what the fuss is.

    However, if you live in a area that has been chlorine free, and the water is chlorinated, you notice the effects on your health and food taste rather quickly.

    • Corky.

       /  July 29, 2017

      *and the water is then chlorinated.*

      • Gezza

         /  July 29, 2017

        Yeah dunno. Welly has got the sweetest-tasting water I’ve encountered yet, apart from when we got fresh meltwater out of the rivulets running off te maunga Taranaki when tramping in its lower reaches, with the sound of the bellbirds haunting thru the forest cover.

        Very rarely notice the smell or taste of chlorine, though Welly’s Kaikohe intake water IS chlorinated. Visitors from the naki comment on it. If New Plymouth’s water is still coming from lake Mangamahoe it’s not surprising. Chlorinated or not, it overwhelmingly tastes of mud, but if you live there you only notice it if you come to somewhere like Welly where the water’s hard, but sweet.

        Tangent: (Tks Kitty) Me n me mate Ted stayed a couple of nites in the backblocks up the lower slopes of Taranaki with his stepfather once. Got a bit of a rude shock when he home-killed two sheep, never seen that done before & felt for the animals. They were petrified it was in their eyes. Especially the second one.

        Anyway, I eat meat so just had to suck it up. But we went for a hike up the nearby stream. It was hot in the bush, and we grabbed a few cupped handsful of water from it just before a bend. Absolutely the sweetest-tasting water ever. 20 paces around the bend. Dead sheep, lying in the water. 😖

        What was that bollocks about carbon steel being worn killing or preventing flu, that you posted at trav, mate? Pretty suspicious about one.

  7. Patzcuaro

     /  July 29, 2017

    It appears that the police recently visited the house in Mount Tiger Road where Wednesday’s fatal shooting occurred.

    “Police have confirmed they visited the scene of Wednesday’s fatal shooting in Northland last month after concerns about an illegal structure built on the property.
    In a statement issued this afternoon, police said an officer offered to visit the property and was told that the structure was a platform to be used for target practice.
    After discussion with Quinn Patterson, and with no other relevant information the officer was aware of about Patterson, or activity at the property, he was satisfied it was a tenancy matter that required no further action by police.”

    I would have thought that it would have been routine procedure to check if the person had a firearms licence. For the police to be called there must have been tension and there were indications that there were firearms on the property. I can’t imagine it would have taken long to check their database and the tragedy could have been avoided.

    • Corky

       /  July 29, 2017

      I wonder if the local cops went through the channels before releasing this?

      ”In a statement issued this afternoon, police said an officer offered to visit the property and was told that the structure was a platform to be used for target practice.”

      Yep, you summed it up well, PZO. Someone at Police HQ is probably fuming.