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  1. Missy

     /  July 29, 2017

    For those who may have been following the story of terminally ill Charlie Gard you will be saddened to learn that he died this evening after his life support was withdrawn.

    This is the case where the parents took the hospital to court to try and get the child to America for treatment, eventually Trump and the Pope got involved via twitter. The doctor who has been pioneering treatment for the boy’s condition was flown to the UK, but he said he could not help the boy after viewing the latest brain scan of the boy (he didn’t physically examine the boy). The parents withdrew their case earlier this week, and yesterday the judge ruled the boy was to go to a hospice to die, despite the parents wanting to take him home.

    Today the boy was transferred to a hospice where his life support was withdrawn.

    To me this appeared to become about the parents wish to hold on as opposed to what was best for the child, that may sound harsh I know, but it is how it was portrayed, and listening when the father was interviewed that is what came across to me.

    I don’t know what I would do in the same situation, but I would hope that I would do what is best for the child, and not what I want for me. In principle I am in favour of Euthanasia in these sorts of cases where there is no hope, but in reality no-one can say how they will react to this situation until they are in it.

  2. Missy

     /  July 29, 2017

    One dead and four injured in Hamburg as a knife wielding man attacks shoppers. Some reports have said that witnesses claim the man yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he stabbed shoppers, this has not been confirmed by police, though after the recent report from Germany indicating a bias in reporting on migrants in the media it should be expected that if these reports are true it will not be widely reported.

  3. Missy

     /  July 29, 2017

    Oh dear, it seems there are some tensions at the BBC these days.

    On the Radio 4 show a female presenter, Sarah Montague, called out a sports presenter for ‘mansplaining’. It seems that Sarah Montague was going to interview the mother of a UK swimmer who has won a gold medal at the world championships this week when one of the (male) sports presenters suggested a possible question to her, she responded by saying ‘thanks very much for mansplaining that’. From the reports it seems the more he tried to explain he wasn’t mansplaining the worse it became for him.

    • It’s a pity that word was invented.

      • Missy

         /  July 29, 2017

        so true, but then as I tell the guys I work with when I explain stuff to them, I am womansplaining. 😀

        Strangely enough in my workplace there is more womansplaining than mansplaining. Not sure if that means the men are timid, or if we women just know more. 😉

    • Gezza

       /  July 29, 2017

      With a bit of luck c will bring scott adams back to check out our health system & the odds are lkely good – maybe – that he’ll go back home & get Dilbert’s help to fix theirs with something similar, if they have any clues at all.

  4. Something a little closer to home…. anti-terror raids in Sydney tonight. from the 2gb continuous call team Roosters v Cowboys game half time break – there news update mentioned ISIS….

    SMH …

    Trump is all very amusing, but shit is getting really very close to home – these guys were supposed planning a plane bombing – imagine that was a trans tasman flight…. would people start thinking its a real threat if a plane with dozens of kiwis on it got destroyed mid flight?