Corbyn has always been Corbyn, Labour hasn’t

One reaction to Andrew Little’s capitulation was for calls for Labour to do a sudden conversion to Corbynism, because Corbyn lurched UK Labour to the left and surged in support (although still failed to win the election).

Ed at The Standard:

20% of the population are waiting to hear radical policies offered.
Corbyn’s UK Labour is the model.
Be brave.

A problem with a sudden lurch to Corbynism, in theory at least, is that it would require Andrew Little and the Labour caucus (if they are functioning at all) to bypass all their normal policy development systems and come up with a radically new approach.

There is no time to go through any process of consultation with membership.

But even if they did this they would still have a problem.

Jeremy Corbyn has been a far left politician since 1983. He has been able to put his mark on the UK Labour Party.

Little and NZ Labour cannot just wave a wand and suddenly be something they are not.

Corbynising isn’t going to change their problems.


  1. Blazer

     /  July 31, 2017

    All that is required is….’we will restore the kiwi dream of home ownership “…hardly hard…left.

  2. They’ve got Mallard there PG😁😁😁

  3. Missy

     /  August 1, 2017

    Well summed up there Pete.

    I get the feeling the left in NZ seem to think that things like Corbyn & Sanders can be manufactured, they can’t. The environment in which they are working has to work in favour of someone who truly believes what they are saying and comes across – to those who believe – as sincere will be able to make the difference.

    NZ is pretty much doing well, and most people are happy with their lot, the consistent high polling for National shows that, and NZ has not had anything that has fundamentally changed people or motivated the non-voters, and there aren’t large groups of voters who are feeling disenfranchised. The situation in NZ can never be compared to the UK or US, and their constant attempts to try and tap into the change in those countries falls flat in NZ.

    The nearest NZ has to the charismatic politician with populist policies is Winston.