Robins responds

Over twelve hours after the Colmar Brunton poll result was published and Andrew Little admitted he had offered to stand down but no one else was prepared to step up, Anthony Robins has managed to post on it at The Standard.

Metiria’s gamble pays off in latest poll

To what must be intense annoyance from angry right-wing pundits, Metiria Turei’s gamble seems to have paid off for The Greens, an indication (though mind that margin of error) that there could be a real appetite for a Corbyn-style political revolution this election. Bad news in the short term for Labour because it hasn’t grown the left vote overall, but it will if it mobilises non-voters!

That he starts by trying to portray things as a negative for the right is telling.

And then resorts to that worn out dream, mobilising the non-voters.

Why would people who until now couldn’t be bothered voting suddenly be attracted to a party in which no one can be bothered being leader?

I think Labour and The Greens have it right.

Good grief.

Labour should keep aiming for the center-left, and The Greens go harder. If Metiria’s gamble mobilises non-voters it will grow the left share over all.

Does he really think that Greens on 20% and Labour on 15% would be a good thing for Labour?

It sounds like the only hope for Labour is if the Greens can get enough new votes. It has really become that bad for Labour.

First they gave up competing head to head with National, conceding they needed help from the Greens.

Then they conceded they would need both the Greens and NZ First.

Now Robins appears to be conceding that Labour may be able to hang on if the Greens do what Labour has repeatedly failed to do.

Little conceded any semblance of credible leadership yesterday.

Today Robins seems to be conceding Labour’s role as lead party of the Opposition.

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  1. “That he starts by trying to portray things as a negative for the right is telling.

    .”To what must be intense annoyance from angry right-wing pundits, Metiria Turei’s gamble seems to have paid off for The Greens,”

    I mentioned in another thread that self-delusion runs deep within Labour. That is never so evident as in anything written by Anthony Robbins.

    The “right”, Mr Robbins, are singularly unaffected by the left’s eating it’s limbs off. Bring it on say they. As for the missing million, you go guy. Just you rally those invisible troops off their sofas and add them to your total. That’s prime strategy. Crosby, Textor will be putting out a call for your services next.

    Political acumen! Not seeing it.

    • Blazer

       /  31st July 2017

      Political fortunes wax and wane.National have been in this position. Labour unfortunately have not heeded the obvious about campaigning. ..Crosbt/Text or style. National spin leader is vulnerable but the left fail to exploit his weaknesses. Roll on the election and hopefully a…surprise.

      • Gezza

         /  31st July 2017

        National do indeed need to not fall into the smug complacency trap, but on the current evidence the most likely surprise in the election is looking to be how small the Labour component that survive the final battle on 23 September will be, & who’s left waving their swords & banners in the mud.

  2. Dog tucker on the hoof….

  3. sorethumb

     /  31st July 2017

    Susan St John
    Metiria Turei was just a mother doing the best for her child in a cruel moralistic unthinking world. Thank goodness she is exposing the unpleasant foul underbelly of a failed welfare system- already far too many have been harmed
    That’s an extremely one-eyed position.

    Apart from the fact that Metiria could have used contraception, “a mother doing the best for her child” could apply to rats, mice and cockroaches.

    Society needs some level of responsibility and a hierarchy of rights to resources plus a sense of limits to production.

    So there needs to be a red line and the question is where should it be?

    Prior to National tightening benefits we had the case of a couple of complaintants (Paula Bennett revealed their cases), who as it happened received more than many hard-working people (eg bus driver). So Les Miserables is not relevant.

    • did you just compare a welfare mum to roaches?

      • sorethumb

         /  31st July 2017

        Susan St John
        Metiria Turei was *just* a mother doing the best for her child
        “a mother doing the best for her child” could apply to rats, mice and cockroaches.”
        I was pointing out that there is a wider context to “a mother just doing the best for her child” given that Metiria was acting irresponsibly by not taking advantage of contraception.

        The same rules that apply to rats and mice and cockroaches apply to humans, hence we have massive population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kiribatis main island is as densely populated as Hong Kong, the Pacific Islands were (are?) severely overpopulated in the 1960’s. The Greens do not appreciate population ecology.

        • sorethumb

           /  31st July 2017

          And Syria had a population explosion prior to it’s civil war (Something like 5m in the 1950’s and 20m in 2010). Population explosion coincided with drought.

          • alloytoo

             /  31st July 2017

            The Palestinians doubled their population from 1990 (1.9M) to 2010 (3.9M)

  4. sorethumb

     /  31st July 2017

    Tauhei Notts – Kiwiblog

    Late Saturday night drinks with a drainlayer’s foreman. He tells me that the majority of his staff (predominantly Pacific Islanders) just love Tariana Turei. They do not seem to comprehend the huge PAYE deduction that shows on their wage slips. They have an unusual love for a bludger like that. There is also an awful dope problem amongst his workers. Those dope tests, that really need to be done twice a day, are terribly expensive.
    As an aside; after a long night on the turps, and with the Canes leading 29 – 22 and the game all sewn up we departed. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to 44 – 29 to the Lions!

    Ethnic voting?

    Economist stands by underclass comments
    01:43, Jan 31 2009
    He stuck by his statements that future growth depends on having a population that can create new products and new production processes.

    This requires a high level of education, especially in technology, sciences and engineering.

    “Pacific people have poor educational outcomes compared to other migrant groups, and with their growing population size, this will mean New Zealand will have a smaller proportion with the capability to produce growth.”

    He said it was notable that, when all Pasifika speakers talked about the achievement of Pacific peoples, they provided examples in sport and the arts.

    “Their failure to provide business examples is exactly what I am talking about. New Zealand policy should reflect a need for future economic growth.”

    Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse told the group of 82 Syrians and 75 refugees from other countries that diversity was “not just tolerated, it is celebrated” in New Zealand.

    • sorethumb

       /  31st July 2017

      To think we had our own country:
      The attitudes of New Zealanders in the mid-1990s towards immigration may not have reflected the positive perspective on the value of diversity in our society that is contained in the Review of Immigration Policy August 1986. But this does not mean that the globalisation of immigration to New Zealand was an “unintended consequence of policy changes in 1986”. It was a deliberate strategy, based on a premise that the “infusion of new elements to New Zealand life has been of immense value to the development of this country to date and will, as a result of this Government’s review of immigration policy, become even more important in the future” (Burke 1986:330).

  1. Robins responds — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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