Herald: Turei and Shaw compromised

The media helped launch Metiria Turei’s beneficiary campaign, but they have turned against Turei and the Greens due to revelations that paint a different picture to a poor young solo mother fibbing to feed her baby.

Questions still remain unanswered about how much support Turei had and what involvement the father had – she says used his address to register to vote, but claims to have not lived with him since before she got pregnant, and there are claims she rented a house from him. How much did he support his daughter?

There is the potential for more to come, and Turei has put herself in leadership limbo. Co-leader James Shaw has backed her position which puts him in an awkward spot too.

Weekend Herald editorial: Second dishonest act makes Turei a liability

One act of dishonesty may be forgiven, two becomes harder to overlook. On top of her admission that she withheld information from Social Welfare about her living arrangements on the domestic purposes benefit, Metiria Turei has been found to have enrolled for an election at a false address. It begins to look like a pattern of behaviour of a person with too little regard for the obligations of honest citizenship, and we can only wonder, what more might emerge?

The Green Party has reason to be worried, so much so it is remarkable that it stood by her yesterday when she did no more than renounce any claim to a ministerial position in a coalition with Labour. That was obviously for Labour’s sake, relieving its new leader, Jacinda Ardern, from having to answer the question, would she have the Greens’ co-leader in her cabinet?

An emphatic no from Ardern on that.

Yesterday Ardern ruled out any post-election agreement that would let Peters be Prime Minister. Despite Turei’s presence, she would no doubt prefer to deal with the Greens. But it would be much better for both parties if Turei did the decent thing and resigned, certainly from her Greens leadership and ideally from its candidate list for the next Parliament.

That is what National’s Todd Barclay has done, though Turei and her co-leader James Shaw have been calling on him to go sooner.

But the Greens seem to think they can justify different standards for themselves because their cause deserves it.

Having mounted a high horse against Barclay, Shaw is now in the embarrassing position of defending Turei’s effort to stay.

This compromises both Turei and Shaw going into the business end of the campaign.

Both of them are at risk of much more emerging from the past she has opened for examination. Newshub’s discovery that she was listed at the same address as the father of her child while she was on the benefit, plainly caught her by surprise. She had forgotten she gave that address for electoral enrolment so that she could vote for a friend. What else has she forgotten?

When she decided to reveal that she had not told Social Welfare she had flatmates helping pay her rent, she ought to have made sure she was telling the country everything that might emerge from media inquiries or the Ministry of Social Development’s fraud investigation.

That investigation is also hanging over Turei and by association and support, the Greens.

She has exposed herself, her party and its election partner to continuing risk. She could put an end to it by resigning now.

A brutal call, but that’s how it looks.

What matters most, changing the government, or continuing a personal crusade that incidentally has nothing to do with green issues.

Turei and the Greens gambled the election, and are now gambling their future, on a non-environmental issue. One could question their priorities on several counts.

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  1. Corky

     /  5th August 2017

    I’m just trying to think of a good name for the new Green Party post election.

    1- Enviromnetal Greens
    2- New Green
    3- Green New Zealand
    4- New Zealand Green ( snigger)
    5- Green Now

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  5th August 2017

    All too true. Turei is a self-centred crook. Shaw is weak, hypocritical and ethically challenged. The Greens have long been loony Lefties with a facade of environmentalism that is now dissolving before our eyes.

    • Brown

       /  5th August 2017

      How about ‘Vote Snot’? Green, slimy, you wish you were rid of it etc…

  3. Metiria has my FULL support to stay and why she has given up a claim to be a Minister in a Coalition of the Left is just not on…..

    Fight, fight, fight the dying of access to the Trough Metiria. You DESERVE it and the Means always Justify the ends!!!!

    EVRYONE wants you talking truth to power about the horrible conditions the poor have in NZ – I mean state housing, welfare benefits, free child medical care and free A&E access, emergency grants, world class primary and secondary education on tap…….. its just NOT fair anyone should ever, ever be truthful about living with their partner while claiming a on their own benefit!!!!


    Shaw is now a hypocrite ever time he criticises any MP on Honesty and Integrity issues…. and his clean skin image as a virtuous Green is now got nasty brown stains in embarrassing areas

  4. David

     /  5th August 2017

    Watch Ardern go after the easy pickings of the wealthy urban green vote.

  5. Anne Glen Eden

     /  5th August 2017

    There was a time when I might have voted for the Greens – in the days of Jeannette Fizsimmons and Rod Donald. Now, they are not Green at all – they are the worst possible variety of anarchistic Reds. Shaw is just as tainted as Turei.

    The Liberal media and Left are championing Turei, treating her softly and never condemning her behaviour. Any slight ‘misbehaviour’ by National politicians and they’re screaming for resignations by all. Deliberate lying, stealing, and electoral fraud by their own and they’re holding Turei up as a role model for all others to follow – long-term benefit and electoral fraud.

    Labour are no better. Ardern might have graciously denied Turei a role in Cabinet but still feels she has a viable role in government – an example for other young people, especially mothers, to follow and teach to their children.

    Responsible and stable government requires people capable of responsible and stable governance – not an anarchistic one rule for them, a different one for everyone else. Likewise, having a different political view does not entitle anyone to display a wholesale refusal to obey the laws of the land – or society won’t survive it if it does. Activists belong outside of Parliament, especially the anarchistic variety.

    Governance requires responsible adults who administrate society equally and fairly for everyone in it and model appropriate behaviour for the young.

    What possible basis is there for any criticism of, let alone prosecutions for, benefit or electoral fraud if Turei, Shaw, and Ardern are allowed to get away with justifying this behaviour and trying to install Turei in Parliament, continuing to be paid by the people she stole from and defrauded? Makes the condemnation for Joanne Harrison and, especially, Martin Matthews, look completely unfair and a double standard.

  6. Tipene

     /  5th August 2017

    I would like to believe that the Left would eat their own, but they are actually more loyal to each other than the right is to theirs, so with support, Turei might yet hang on?

  7. PDB

     /  5th August 2017

    In her own words…..


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