Don’t forget National

The National Party has been left in the media dust over the pas few weeks. Metiria Turei grabbed the headlines with her confession about lying to WINZ, and she kept stoking that story along for a couple of weeks.

Labour was virtually invisible, until last Sunday when a bad poll and a bad interview by Andrew Little grabbed the spotlight. Most of the political media attention was on Little until about 10:15 am on Tuesday, when he was suddenly no longer of any interest,

Jacinda Ardern and Labour took over most of the media coverage. This continued through to the weekend, with this ironic tweet pointing out the media overload.

However from Thursday night Ardern had competition when revelations about Metiria Turei’s registered addresses reignited her beneficiary issues – but on Friday Ardern became a significant part of that story too.

Ardern featured on The Nation yesterday and will be on Q+A this morning, as will James Shaw.

What has happened to National? They have largely dropped off the political radar as far as media coverage is concerned.

A search on Google news for Bill English is also dominated by Ardern coverage:


The latest ‘news’ on the National party website:

Minister attending regional security meetings

Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee will today arrive in Manila to meet with his Asia-Pacific counterparts. From August 5 to 8, Mr Brownlee will attend ASEAN-New Zealand Ministerial consultations, the…

Minister welcomes pest control ruling

A decision by the High Court today confirming the legality of national pest control regulations is a significant win for the survival of New Zealand’s native birds, Environment Minister Dr…

‘Living with Low Vision’ resource

Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner says a new resource is available to help people with low vision better manage everyday tasks.  Low vision — reduced vision or vision loss…

Nothing from English on page 1 of their latest news. No wonder they aren’t getting much media coverage.

Paula Bennett was on The Nation yesterday, presumably trying to show off National’s female face, but saying nothing of much note.

Labour and the Greens will feature on Q+A shortly.

Ardern is announcing new policy today on Auckland transport or infrastructure (claimed to be either light rail to the airport or a regional tax but they might be diversions).

English is Missing In action.

National seem to have really dropped the campaign ball.

Have they effectively conceded the election? Bugger all policy and bugger all campaigning and bugger all media coverage could result in bugger all votes that matter.


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  1. Gezza

     /  6th August 2017

    Jacinda & Kelvin

  2. Apparently English is making an announcement today too.

    I hadn’t heard anything about it until now.

  3. Patzcuaro

     /  6th August 2017

    The media is like a kid with a shiney new toy or a teenager wth a new boy or girl friend. They can’t leave it alone. National will have to hope it either breaks or the novelty wears off.

    The other option would be to have a leadership change or get a MP to admit to a youthful indiscretion and take a bullet for the party. I don’t think releasing policy, unless controversial, is going to be enough.

  4. MaureenW

     /  6th August 2017

    Sure that’s not a joke? If it isn’t, it is.

  5. PDB

     /  6th August 2017

    What do you expect them to do PG? The MSM have been so overboard in praise for a person who has done nothing in parliament for a decade, and was supposed to be a ‘game-changer’ when made deputy of the Labour party that there is a real danger that they will be counter-productive. It’s almost become a bit of a standing joke as to who can out-praise Ardern next for the simplest of actions or interviews. Considering how low the MSM are in public opinion this may come back to bite them.

    The MSM are even saying Ardern was ‘tough’ on the Greens when all that happened is that the Greens told Labour in advance what they planned to do with Turei which was essentially say Turei wouldn’t be in a ministerial role (at least in the first year) of some imaginary future govt. Rather than be ‘tough’ Ardern is more than happy to deal with a party leader that has put financial self-interest before doing the right thing by the taxpayer by resigning.

    Let Labour & the MSM have their week in the sun and from next week get the discussion back on the important stuff like the economy. Target the Greens being part of any future Labour-led govt (I’m sure more Turei skeletons are being held back for drip feeding) and target the left’s spending promises and the reality that tax rises will have to be put in place to pay for them.

    The most important time is the last few months of the election – the so-called ‘Jacinda effect’ may well have worn off before that time.


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