Green list more dominated by females

Now Kennedy Graham and David Clendon have withdrawn from the Green party list others have been shuffled up. Here is their new list:

Green Party list:

  1. TUREI, Metiria
  2. SHAW, James
  3. DAVIDSON, Marama
  4. GENTER, Julie Anne
  5. SAGE, Eugenie
  6. HUGHES, Gareth
  7. LOGIE, Jan
  8. SWARBRICK, Chloe
  9. GHAHRAMAN, Golriz
  10. MATHERS, Mojo
  11. COATES, Barry
  12. MCDONALD, Jack
  13. HART, John
  14. ROCHE, Denise
  15. HOLT, Hayley
  16. CROSSEN, Teall
  17. TUIONO, Teanau
  18. TAMU, Leilani
  19. Lawrey, Matt
  20. Kerekere, Elizabeth

While normally the Greens claim their party operates under democratic principles and processes James Shaw announced this list change last night. There was no time for input from the wider party.

In the past the Greens also promoted their principles of gender balance.

Of the top 10 on the list, eight are female.

One of those, Gareth Hughes, is virtually invisible these days.

The other, co-leader James Shaw, has chosen to totally back Turei and boot Kennedy and Clendon up the bum as they leave.

Thirteen of the top 20 are female.

If they get the same number of MPs back into Parliament (this now looks unlikely) 9 of 14 will be female, 5 will be male.

The Green Party website has been updated with the changes: Our People

The socialist sisterhood seems to be taking over the Green Party.

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  1. Gerrit

     /  8th August 2017

    Had a quiet chuckle when I read your comment that 8 out of the top 10 in the list are female. Followed directly by “One of those, Gareth Hughes, is virtually invisible these days” Are you implying that Gareth Hughes is a bearded female? 😉

  2. sorethumb

     /  8th August 2017

    All that expenditure that could go towards some decent researchers?

  3. Corky

     /  8th August 2017

    ‘Green list more dominated by females’

    But of course. The male principle must be neutered for Mother Gaia to rein supreme.

    The trouble with the female principle is without a balancing male principle things ultimately become very bitchy. And when women start bitching…..ouch!!

    • Gezza

       /  8th August 2017

      It’s a damn sight worse when *some men* keep bitching, I tell ya!

  4. The elephant in the room. Lets not forget Labour is still very much dependent on the MOU

  5. Inherent criminality. I put it to you that rather than some laudable construct of “situational poverty” and “terror over the care for her child” Turei acted in self interest. I put it to you she did this because that was the world she knew and her morality, (or lack of it) was perfectly consistent with her upbringing and nature.

    For a crime to occur, three elements must be present, i.e. there must be:

    #an available and suitable target;
    #a motivated offender; and
    #no authority figure to prevent the crime from happening.

    All of these factors existed throughout her offending, nobody held her to account. Not her friends, her family, her partner, her ex partner or his family or the State. She did it because she could get away with it. There is nothing laudable in this.

    • IN the context of this thread, can I add that women are very expert at painting themselves as victims. They learn it from the cradle onwards. It’s quite cultural. In childhood they’re “your poor little sister”, they’re “the weaker and more feeble of the sexes”, they’re “left holding the baby”. Yawn. As a female I find this enforced victimisation appalling. I resent that the members of the feminist coven are leading the victim-chanting on Twitter, showing their amorality by justifying her theft. I find it as bad that men like the weak-kneed Shaw are deferent to her bullying ways and ultimately supportive of confessed and clear criminality.

      Rarely in most criminal situations does a perp have a gun held to their head. Often they act for a group, yes – but ultimately compliance and complicity are matters that relate to character over coercion.

      • Blazer

         /  8th August 2017

        how very insightful of you Trav.Lets face it though you are correct.Look at how quickly the feminists jump on any real or percieved threats to womens rights,with cries of sexism and chauvinism.A bit like having your cake….and eating it….too.

        • High Flying Duck

           /  8th August 2017

          Not only that – they have to make the cake first and do the dishes afterwards!

  6. Brown

     /  8th August 2017

    When I look at the Green males I fall into the old trap of pondering what a ”man” is. Having dangly bits and facial hair doesn’t quite cut the mustard – there’s more to manliness than that. Shaw looks weak and flimsy to me and I don’t perceive him as a man I could relate to. He comes across to me as uninspiring, smug and boring. His voice annoys me as well. There’s nothing I can point to as the cause for all my disquiet about him so maybe he’s a complete package in that all of him is annoying all the time.

  7. I cant believe Marama is number 3, she should be below Eugenie and Julie surely.

  8. Zedd

     /  8th August 2017

    The Green list is assembled by votes from members, it not just a list of ‘the favoured few’ amongst the party execs, BUT I agree it does look ‘a bit out of balance’

    btw; I’ve been listening to all the vitriol on ZB etc. (right wing media) with polls saying about 75% think Metiria should quit NOW !.. BUT thats 25% who are supporting her; 10% higher than their highest ever, party vote; 15% Interesting….. 🙂

    • I’m utterly supporting her. Let her stay, hold her line and maintain her stance in calling blatant fraud “putting food on her baby’s table” . I support her staying true to her values and reminding an entire electorate of the choices she made, she justified and now wishes to put into law as part of a Labour/Green coalition. No accountability for shirkers, bludgers and thieves. Please stay there Metz.

    • PDB

       /  8th August 2017

      Bit of fake news from you there Zedd – polls also had 8-10% undecided, so only 15-18% agree with her and that was BEFORE the two Green MP’s quit.

  9. sorethumb

     /  8th August 2017

    Robert Guyton 5
    8 August 2017 at 9:23 am

    They could rally behind the call, “Metiria for PM”.


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