Aim: TOP dog on cross benches

It’s getting hard to differentiate between attention seeking stunts, a normal day in the campaign, and official party launches these days.

Gareth Morgan and the The Opportunities Party have been campaigning for Months, but they had their official campaign launch today.

Scoop:  Labour will need more than ‘Jacinda Trudeau’: TOP

“Quite clearly, Jacinda’s a great communicator, so that’s good,” said Morgan, who welcomed Labour’s resurgence as “great for New Zealand democracy”.

“It’s an issue of whether that’s sufficient for Labour: the Jacinda Trudeau Effect, I call it,” he said, referring to the impact a young, stylish leader has had on Canadian politics through its Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.


While TOP’s plan was to “to be a 30 percent party by 2020”, he expected TOP to poll 10 percent at the Sept. 23 election, although modified that to “being realistic” 5 percent and six MPs in the next Parliament, enough potentially to help form a minority government led by either National or Labour.

TOP has polled 2 percent in three published polls and 3 percent in a UMR poll reported this week by Radio New Zealand.

The party hopes that means it has the momentum to make 5 percent by election day. As TOP expects to win no electorate seats, a party vote under 5 percent would be wasted as it would gain no parliamentary seats under New Zealand’s MMP proportional voting system.

Morgan insisted he did not want to become a Cabinet Minister and would look only to provide support to a government from Parliament’s ‘cross-benches’.

Rather than naming non-negotiable ‘bottom line’ policies, if TOP had a choice of partners, it would pick the one that promised to enact the largest number of TOP’s 15 main policies, said Morgan.

“Whoever gives us the most will get the nod.”

So Morgan wants to be TOP dog on the cross benches.

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  1. PDB

     /  11th August 2017

    TOP are toast – their big chance to make 5% came with the Greens implosion but they did nothing in the following poll.

    • The were 2% in the Reid Research poll, and claimed to have been 3% in the latest UMR poll with polling done up to Sunday night, before this weeks Green implosion, so it’s too soon to tell.

      • PDB

         /  11th August 2017

        I think they have fired all their shots already in terms of major policy announcements?

        The last one regarding renting went down like a lead balloon and is likely to stall, or even reverse some of their vote out.

        • sorethumb

           /  11th August 2017

          One thing about TOP though is they don’t seem to tailor their policies to the public, they are designed to work for the best result. I’m sick of all these ninnies saying “will the public go for this? Will the public go for that? Not to mention the likes of the Greens who have global ambitions: will this be good for humanity?

          • sorethumb

             /  11th August 2017

            Tops is the only party that has real ingredients. The rest have flavour and sugar.

          • PDB

             /  11th August 2017

            For me TOP’s policies are very hit and miss – much is made by Gareth Morgan on how each policy is ‘evidence-based’ but I note he is very selective in what evidence he uses, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of the opposite position to his policies.

            A UBI is a classic example where there is no real-world evidence they work and trials are never like a fully implemented UBI. Even TOP’s proposed full UBI does not completely get rid of welfare payments and has numerous exemptions that a true UBI shouldn’t have.

  2. Gerrit

     /  11th August 2017

    “Whoever gives us the most will get the nod”.

    Sounds like blackmail. Or, if you don’t play with my toys, I will throw them out the cot and force another general election. Very responsible, not.

    The granny tax (asset tax) alone will see that TOPists will never reach 30%. All wealth will be taxed, and non payment will see forfeiture to the state by the IRD.

    Before long the state will control the wealth under the dictatorial Supreme Leader Garth Morgan.

  1. Aim: TOP dog on cross benches — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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