The Nation: James Shaw and the Greens


James Shaw will be interviewed by Patrick Gower on The Nation this morning about ‘what’s next for the Green Party’.

Shaw has had a torrid week trying to support Metiria Turei, and then when she stood down trying to tidy up the mess. This will be a very interesting interview.

Pre-interview update – the Green Party Executive has declined Kennedy Graham’s request to be reinstated on the party list –  Greens won’t let Graham back on list

That won’t help heal divisions.

The first part of the interview was a waste of time. Shaw wouldn’t say what the Greens plan to change in their campaign until it is announced later this weekend.

Also a wast of time were questions about Kennedy Graham, the interview was recorded yesterday and we now know Graham won’t be allowed back in.

Shaw stood his ground on a couple of things but generally this was a week interview, he looks a bit like Bill Rowling, who Muldoon called a mouse.

Shaw wouldn’t say whether Greens would sit on the sidelines if it meant a Labour+NZ First change of government.

A lot of work for Shaw and the Greens to repair and rebuild.

Shaw mentioned ‘conversation’ a few times – this interview was more like a gentle conversation than a strong indication of a new start for the Greens under a sole leader.

Quite notable – the panel discussion was solely about the Joyce-Robertson debate and about National and Labour policies.

No mention of Shaw or the Greens.


  1. Gezza

     /  August 12, 2017

    I might break a rule not to bother with The Nation any more & watch this one.

  2. “Strip back the message”. Hmmmm, but won’t reveal

    Is “Great Together” gone?. Yes, it looks like it. But it’s like a striptease

    Is the Greens brand going to change, what are our values, what do we stand for? James is committed to ending poverty. New faces out there, huge heritage. James is excited. A face for rivers, poverty and something else.

    We still stand for Metiria, we gave her our full support, we want those who wanted her representation to run with us.

    Kennedy looks like toast.

  3. James simply cannot answer a straight YES or NO.

    • Gezza

       /  August 12, 2017

      Two mums trav. What chance could he have? Be honest.

      • Patzcuaro

         /  August 12, 2017

        Where does that leave Winston Peters he has never given a straight answer to a question

        • Gezza

           /  August 12, 2017

          Yes, but that’s because he’s shit cunning, not because he has two mums.
          There can be different reasons for why people can’t give straight answers.
          Being gay, for example.
          Being in deep shit of some kind if you admit something is another reason why people sometimes do it. That one often starts early in childhood.

          • Patzcuaro

             /  August 12, 2017

            There is no reason why a merry person can’t give a straight answer, in fact a sad or unhappy person is less likely to give a straight answer.

            I don’t think Peters is cunning I just think he can’t give a straight answer, he is wired that way.

      • Two Mums. Is that why wee James wasn’t encouraged to get a car or even a Driving license!

    • Very clever

    • Gezza

       /  August 12, 2017

      Harsh, but funny, & quite possibly true. I can’t see James clawing back much support if any, tbh. I suspect they’ll slide even further in the polls. The pair of them have done all sorts of harm to the brand. I mean, for a party that looks to be mostly now composed of bolshie females & whose whole ethos has been built around a having a female and a male & co-leader team since, like, forever – they’re still sticking to the line that benefit fraud is ok & that anybody who doesn’t agree can’t belong, & on top of that they’ve now gone and pretended they’ve put a MAN solely in charge!

      There’s just everything wrong about them now! Surely there must be hardly a demographic left that they’re not irritating in some way? 😳

      For chrissake they even managed to piss Blazer off!

    • Patzcuaro

       /  August 12, 2017

      Cuckoo’s lay their eggs in another birds next and leave them to rear the cuckoo chick at the expense of their own chicks.

      That is basically what Turei has done, she has left her offspring to be raised by the Greens.