Solidarity and resistance?

This is an odd call for support for the Greens resetting and restarting their campaign after a disastrous couple of weeks.

Odd solidarity with no James Shaw in that photo – I wonder if that is deliberate. He is supposed to now be the sole leader, heading efforts to rebuild a tattered party.

The post is by ‘weka’: The Greens: solidarity and resistance

Solidarity and resistance sounds like it comes from a century ago, when poverty was far more widespread and worse, and social welfare barely existed.

The Greens are an enigma for some, and this is understandable because they don’t fit into the neat political boxes that the establishment deem real. They also are an inherent challenge to the establishment just because of who they are, so we can’t expect those part of the MSM invested in retaining the status quo to tell the story straight.

In my opinion it’s always better initially to listen to what the Greens have to say themselves. Here are the words of Green Party people speaking in the past few days,

Green MP Marama Davidson,

We will not forget the thousands of you who came to us with your stories of hardship.

This is just the start. All of your voices, the voices who came to us in trust and faith – are our priority. Ending poverty is a priority. We have the plan, and the political will, and most of all we have every single one of your stories driving us on.

We are 100% behind our sole co-leader James Shaw who will take us through the rest of this election. We are 100% behind Metiria who will continue what she started in her ongoing campaign for the party vote. We are 100% behind our strive to ensure that everyone can live dignified lives.

Green MP Jan Logie speaking on Back Benches,

I tell you something. We are going to NOT let (Metiria’s) sacrifice go for nothing. We are going to double down and do everything we can to make that worthwhile. To end poverty.

Double down on a disastrous own goal that has severely weakened the Greens?

James Shaw, co-leader of the Green Party (video at 4 mins)

I am committed to ending poverty in this country.

We are the party that aims to end poverty. Frankly everybody else is interested in tinkering around the edges. We’re the only party that’s drawn a line in the sand and said we know what it takes to lift 212,000 children above the poverty line.

That was to be really clear that the Greens are still strong on the kaupapa of ending poverty.

For the people on the look out for the environmental side, there’s a plethora of solid Green Policy already in place and based around NZ becoming world leaders on climate action, cleaning up our rivers, and ending poverty.

Metiria Turei started the Green Party campaign last month with a speech that started the temporary rise and then dramatic fall of the Greens (and precipitated a dramatic turnaround for the better for Labour).

Green MPs and Green supporters were blind to the risks and to the damage being done to their party. They attacked anyone who pointed out their problems or who criticised Turei or the party. They happily criticised and rejected two of their own MPs who were troubled by integrity issues.

If they want to ignore all of the problems the brought upon themselves, or just blame others – in particular the media which is seen as just a part of the establishment to be resisted – then I don’t like their chances of repairing the substantial damage they have caused themselves.

No matter how Shaw tries to repackage the Green campaign today, if the Green supporters who remain active continue the Metiria mission it may take an election disaster to get the message through.

If Greens generally follow the gist of what weka has posted through the campaign then I think there’s a real chance of them dropping through the threshold and crashing out of Parliament altogether.

That would be a real shame, but the Greens seem intent on doubling down – and down, and down.

Calling for solidarity and resistance may turn the Greens around, but it could also make a disaster permanent for the socialist sisterhood.

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  1. David

     /  13th August 2017

    I wonder if they have done polling and concluded they have the environment vote maxed out but there is another percentage they could pick up who poverty matters for. The public polls certainly bore that out immediately but it was just Turei buggared it up so perhaps they will try and do it better now.

    • Maybe they have conceded the environment vote to Labour and TOP and are now competing with Mana for the revolutionary vote.

      I really don’t know what they are thinking, but it doesn’t seem rational.

  2. sorethumb

     /  13th August 2017

    I’m concerned at the lack of diversity.

  3. Blazer

     /  13th August 2017

    as some have pointed out….the poverty vote often don’t vote.Over the years the Greens seemed to have accepted a more pragmatic approach was needed,if they abandon that ,well…..

    • artcroft

       /  13th August 2017

      Pragmatic approach? You mean the whole green environmental thing was a fraud? What a pack of lying s**ts. Thank goodness for the straight shooting Sir John Key and his friend Bill English.

      • Blazer

         /  13th August 2017

        clearly you don’t understand PR….The 2 you mention,certainly…do.

  4. I’m just off a weka imposed 1 week ban but I doubt she will let this comment through:

    Odd to see a call for solidarity when there is no James Shaw in the photo in the post summary.

    It’s a very risky strategy if the Greens repackage with another doubling down of a badly failed Metiria Mission.

    Greens already doubled down from 16% to 8% in the polls. Another doubling down will get them under the threshold, and that possibility can’t be ruled out.

    I wouldn’t like to see Greens drop out of parliament altogether, but it might need to get that drastic for some to see a blinkered and failing strategy can’t just be blamed on others.

    Weka tends to be particularly controlling over her own posts.

    • Gezza

       /  13th August 2017

      All the best 👍🏼

    • Kevin

       /  13th August 2017

      Nope, still banned. Could even be permanent one despite it being only “one week”. I had a an account there (a serious one, not a troll account) banned by Weka for a month and it’s still banned despite it being at least a few months.

      From what I can tell getting unbanned over there is a manual process and someone has to tick a box somewhere. LPrent is a shite programmer.

    • Pete Kane

       /  13th August 2017

      Good luck Editor.

  5. The greens are dog tucker.
    The environment concerns are the cover for some very very leftist dogma.
    They refuse to reinstate the only two ‘honest’ members they have

  6. There certainly seems to be a greenswell of solidarity with the disgraced former co-leader, Metiria Turei. Have the Greens learned nothing from the events of the last four weeks?

  7. J Bloggs

     /  13th August 2017

    I said elsewhere earlier this week, that if the Green Party was going to shore up thier support, they needed to double down on promoting the environmental and “green” side of thier policies, and leave social issues alone for a while – after all, thier core supporters knows what the the social policies are – why not focus on the stuff they CAN sell to the short lived memories of the media/public?

    Which obviously goes to show I do not understand the mindset of the Green party.

    • And the Green Party doesn’t understand the mindset of voters who would vote for them for their environmental voice.

  8. Blazer

     /  13th August 2017

    the Greens will come back.We need a balance.Environmental vandals hellbent on profit do not serve future generations.

    • Gezza

       /  13th August 2017

      Hard to see them coming back before this election. Just watched the embedded clip with exerpts of Shaw’s announcement. Only those candidates still on the list were present. Their smiles looked pretty glum & unconvincing.

      I caught a few minutes of Marae after Q&A. Scotty, the presenter framed the whole conversation around Metiria being trashed for having defrauded Social Welfare to feed her child, and the three Maori women candidates for Ikaroa-Rawhiti – Marama Fox (Maori Party), Meka Whaitiri (Labour) & Dr Elizabeth Kerekere (Kerekere) & Scotty all put her demise down to racism &, in the case of Dr Kerekere, colonialism.

      Points were made that Bill English was “shamed into paying back $32,000” he claimed that he shouldn’t have, & that tax evasion loses the government far more than benefit fraud ever does, but that prosecutions are few & convictions rarely result in incarceration. The way they saw it, Metiria “did something illegal for the right reason, & Bill did something legal for the wrong reason”.

      Metz is a cousin of Marama, who herself is from the same marae as Meka. It’s possible I guess that Greens will pick up some extra Party Votes from Maori.

  1. Some people never learn | The Inquiring Mind

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