For a tough decision free New Zealand

On Green anti-poverty campaigner Marama Davidson on RNZ’s Morning Report:

She like her co-leader James Shaw won’t say whether she thinks it’s ok for beneficiaries to break the law.

“I too am not going to judge people. What I would like see, laws that will allow everybody to have enough so they don’t have to make tough decisions.”

From the audio from Green Party re-launches election campaign with ‘Love NZ’

The first elimination of tough decisions is to vote for this care free utopia.

There will be no need for anyone to make tough decisions at all, like how to get things done, and how to finance it.

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  1. Tipene

     /  14th August 2017

    Man, these people are light-thinking morons.

    “I too am not going to judge people” is, by its premise a position of judgement.

    Exercising judgement is an inescapable outcome for anyone still breathing.

    Tell you what, Marama – go for a drive, and exercise your “sans judgment” perspective – you will last under a minute.

  2. Blazer

     /  14th August 2017

    Break the law!The GCSB broke the law…and just said sorry they didn’t understand it…FFS!

    • We don’t all care. Many of us think the GCSB are the goodies. Many of us really despise Fatty the Finn. Many of us would like his ample posterior monitored continuously until the day he’s shipped to LA and a federal court.

      • Blazer

         /  15th August 2017

        Because many of you…have double standards and when it suits display them in a ludicrous black and white…goodie/baddie mindset.


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