Contrasting comments on Hipkins

Contrasting comments on the involvement of Chris Hipkins in citizenship in relation to Australian politics.

David Farrar at Kiwiblog:  Labour causes rift with Australia

This is a huge blunder by Hipkins, who used his special position in the NZ Parliament to try and help Australian Labor topple the Australian Government.

But what is a big thing is for an MP of one country’s Parliament to use their role to help the parliamentary party of another country’s Parliament. And that is what Chris Hipkins did by asking these two written questions (12)on behalf of Bill Shorten.

It would have been obvious to Hipkins that Australian Labor wanted this information to bring down a Government MP. He may not have known it was the Deputy Prime Minister but he would have known why Australian Labor was asking, and also be aware the Australian Government has a one seat majority in the House of Representatives and so the loss of even one seat could bring down the Government.

Here’s why Hipkins involvement was important, even though there had been media inquiries also. There is no deadline for DIA to respond to inquiries by foreign journalists. Even if it was a NZ journalist asking, they could take up to four weeks to answer under the OIA.

But by having Hipkins ask a parliamentary question, the Minister is obliged to answer within five working days or one week. So Hipkins was able to get Australian Labor the information as much as three weeks earlier.

Make no mistake this has caused huge anger within the Australian Government. Helping the Opposition to try and bring down the Deputy Prime Minister will mean very frosty relations if Labour forms a Government in New Zealand.

Mickysavage at The Standard:  Strewth Cobbah

You would think that New Zealand Labour was in possession of nuclear tipped medium range missiles and had threatened to let off a few into the sea near Tasmania just to make sure they worked.

Such has been the overwhelming response from Australia’s right about Labour’s Chris Hipkins asking Peter Dunne twosimple questions:

Are children born in Australia to parents who are New Zealand citizens automatically citizens of New Zealand; if not, what process do they need to follow in order to become New Zealand citizens?

Would a child born in Australia to a New Zealand father automatically have New Zealand citizenship?

And these were simple written questions to get bits of information, not significant oral questions where the opposition tries to embarrass the Government.  There have been over 7,000 of them this year.

You do not have to be a media genius to conclude that the tip off to Gartrell may have come from within the ranks of Australia Labor.  But to think that New Zealand Labour and Hipkins were responsible for what happened requires multiple levels of stupidity.

Their basic problem is that the media was already onto the issue well before Hipkins asked his questions…Hipkins had nothing to do with it.

Australian media may have beaten him to it, but Hipkins still got involved in some  questionable digging after talking to a mate working for an ALP senator.

I guess the right in Australia and in New Zealand are fearful of losing power and are lashing out in an attempt to damage their opponents.  But it is clear to me that on both sides of the Tasman the clock is ticking for the right.

So far Ardern seems to have handled things well, but she has made it clear she doesn’t approve of Hipkins getting involved.

The clock could be ticking for Hipkins.

Just now on RNZ – Ardern “refused a request” to be interviewed this morning, and Hipkins isn’t answering calls.

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  1. PDB

     /  16th August 2017

    Saying the Aussie MSM were already onto the issue doesn’t excuse Hipkins from also trying to interfere with Aussie politics on behalf of an Aussie Labour party mate – typical left-wing logic.

  2. Ray

     /  16th August 2017

    Hipkins has gone to ground or what ever weasels do when they are in trouble.
    He is “unavailable ” for interviews, Miss Ardern refuses to talk.

    • Blazer

       /  16th August 2017

      Consult the National weasels handbook…..Ede,Sabin,….and many more.

  3. Dear Mr Presland

    The word is “cobber” 😎

    • Gezza

       /  16th August 2017

      That’s how they spell it. But they pronounce it cobbah.
      Prime Minister is how they spell it, but they pronounce it Proy Meeneesta.
      Fish is how they spell it, but they pronounce it feesh or fesh, depending which state in Australia they live in or come from.
      Cairns is how they spell it, but kens is how they say it.
      Greg’s just using their vernacular, or vinekyala, as they would say, I suspect.

  4. Looks like Hipkins is the new attack puppy for liebor…
    And the chippie has been served by a real woman politician

  5. duperez

     /  16th August 2017

    And of course ‘Contrasting comments on Hipkins’ will be seen on here too.

    It’s hardly likely that the discussion would be rational, considered and with full knowledge of who did and said what, when, in what context. Or their exact motivation. On here too.

  6. lurcher1948

     /  16th August 2017

    Lots of kiwiblogers howling the national party line, attack attack but most people dont read attack blogs, so farrar and slater are effecting diddly squat….

  7. What Jacinda really thinks of Australians

    Australia Day? Are you kidding? That is the last place we should be looking for a model of race relations, let alone a national day of celebration – unless you’re into drunken, casual racism.

    • Gezza

       /  16th August 2017

      Which bit has she got wrong?

      • Just contrasts with what she said yesterday Gezz. How come you write off an entire nation so glibly ?

        • Gezza

           /  16th August 2017

          What’s the problem there? Plenty of them do it with kiwis.
          Jacinda Ardern: Relentlessly positive
          Julie Bishop: Positively relentless.
          Even Bill English thinks Julie might’ve lost the plot a little bit.

  8. Gezza

     /  16th August 2017

    Bill English says Australian Foreign Minister’s Labour bomb a “heat of the moment” quip.
    Girls ❤️ eh? 🙄

  1. Contrasting comments on Hipkins — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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