Hamish Walker selected for Clutha-Southland

The National Party in Clutha-Southland has gone for someone quite a bit older to replace Todd Barclay as their MP – 32 year old Hamish Walker has been selected to be their next MP. Walker appeared to be the front runner.

It has to be expected he will easily win what is a very safe National seat, so the hardest part has been done. Many MPs are selected more by parties than by electorates.

Walker stood for National in Dunedin South last election. He lost to Labour’s Clare Curran by 3,858 votes, not bad for what has historically been a Labour stronghold.

Better for his party, National got 15,003 party votes to Labour’s 12,518. National had also come out in front in the 2011 election but by less, so Walker and his campaign team must have been doing something well.

Walker was 65th on National’s list in 2014, a few places outside the cut. It doesn’t matter where he ends up on their list this year, he should romp in in Clutha Southland, Barclay won with 21,561 votes there in 2014, with the Labour candidate second on 6,675.

I think he moved to Dunedin from up north prior to the last election.



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  1. Corky

     /  17th August 2017

    The CV of this guy shows the difference between Labour and National.

    Our PM shears sheep. This new chap has been everything from a prison guard to a ref.

    In other words living in the real world beyond the cafeterias water cooler.


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