NZ First promise: a wooden Christchurch stadium

I think this was from Winston Peters: Transition to a better future – Multi-purpose stadium

Covered stadium – multi-purpose arena – NZ First proposal

New Zealand First asks also, why can’t Christchurch and Canterbury have a decent covered multi-use sports stadium to be used for top rugby and other events?

You missed out on having a Lions rugby test this winter for the first time ever.

You are being treated like a backwater and falling behind.

With the Crusaders you have the Super 15 champions.

But you’ve got a second rate temporary stadium not worthy of you or your  champions.

New Zealand First will back a covered multi-use stadium being built in Christchurch.

We realise the cost should not fall entirely on ratepayers and so we will look seriously at the government contributing.

But we make two provisos:

One, that you build a 24/7 revenue earning, multi purpose complex where sporting and entertainment events occasionally happen.

The emphasis is a 24/7 revenue stream where sport happens sometimes.

Two, that the stadium is built with wood – and wood grown in New Zealand – as a serious preference.

You have the technology and know-how here to make it happen, as shown with the Pres-Lam technology developed at the University of Canterbury.

A wooden covered sports stadium – it’s different I guess, it might attract attention, but, ah, are the nuts?

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  1. Gezza

     /  16th August 2017

    Wooden it be nice if Winston went away & got the plans drawn up first?

  2. Corky

     /  16th August 2017

    Bob Jones was interviewed by a news bimbo about his plan to build a wooden office block.
    In true Tory fashion he took his pipe out and started puffing. So unPC, so cool.

    What isn’t so cool is many guitars are now made with dropmould laminated body work. While some are reasonable, the seasoned ear soon picks up the muted notes laminate cannot express clearly.

    On the plus side laminate is way stronger and stable than solid wood guitar bodies. It would be hoped Sir Bobs buildings will follow a simiar stable reputation.

    • Gezza

       /  16th August 2017

      🤔 I can’t find an English definition for simiar.
      Did you mean similar ☘ 🍀 or simian 🐵 ? 😳

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  16th August 2017

      How are pipes Tory ? There’s nothing cool about what pipe-smoking does to people.

      Didn’t he once set up a political party designed to bring down National and Muldoon?

      • Corky

         /  16th August 2017

        ”How are pipes Tory ? ”

        Oh, my. Because the side of the pipe had the words ” Tory Pipe” Please keep up with the play, Kitty.

        ”Didn’t he once set up a political party designed to bring down National and Muldoon?”

        Now you are talking. Yes, he did. And if MMP had been in operation Muldoon would probably have been out of office.


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