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17 August 2017

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  1. lurcher1948

     /  August 17, 2017

    As I said yesterday trumps business council wouldn’t last due to Trump being racist, well he has shut them down as so many CEOs had resigned he was becoming embarrassed.YOU ARE FIRED because you think I’m racist.

  2. Aaron Smith leading online. I know I’m validating tabloid journalism, but WHO cares who is up who and who is not paying.

    • I’m avoiding that as much as I can, but the media are all over it. They revel in seedy sex.

      Is the timing deliberately disruptive?
      How were the communications obtained?

  3. Blazer

     /  August 17, 2017

    looks like a case can be made for revoking citizenship ..I can think of a recent travesty ….Under the Citizenship Act, the Minister can “deprive” someone of citizenship if it was procured by “fraud, false representation, wilful concealment of relevant information, or by mistake”.

  4. Gezza

     /  August 17, 2017

    Just had a landline phone call from David of the Windows Technical Centre who I think might have been an Indian gentleman. He told me the number of my Windows computer was coming up on their system showing it was having a problem.

    I told him I don’t have a Windows computer, I only have an iPad. He wanted to know if I was sure that I didn’t a windows computer, like a Windows laptop maybe? I said no.

    He wanted to know if anybody else here had a Windows computer? I said no. Did they have a Windows laptop, he asked? I said no. There’s only me here. And I only have an iPad.

    He said but my phone number is coming up on their system showing there is a problem with my windows computer.

    I said well, there must be something wrong with their system because I don’t have a Windows laptop or computer, and nobody else here does either. I said their system has a virus or something – and suggested why he doesn’t he get in touch with the Windows Technical Centre & see if they can help him find & fix it.

    He said, “so you only have an iPad – no Windows computer?”. I told him yes, that was correct. He said, ” Oh. Ok. Thank you sir.” I said,”No problem. I really think you should get in touch with Windows. If there’s virus in your system, you might be ringing up a whole lot of people who don’t have Windows computers.”

    He said “Thank you sir. I don’t think we have a virus”. – Click –

    I find it very rewarding to be helpful with folk from the Windows Technical Department. They’re only doing their job.