Bizarre Trump response to Barcelona

Donald Trump’s initial response to the vehicle attack in Barcelona was fairly standard for a world leader…

…except for the very American ‘we love you’ close.

But three quarters of an hour later he followed up with:

As well as being bizarre, it is bull.

From The Guardian live feed:

Donald Trump responded to the Barcelona attack be reviving an already debunked anecdote about a US general dipping bullets in pig’s blood to fight Islamic militants over a hundred years ago.

The tweet echoed a highly dubious claim Trump made at an election rally in South Carolina in February 2016, in which he talked admiringly about a counter-insurgency in the Philippines conducted by General John Pershing between 1909 and 1913, when he was governor of Moro province.

He said at the rally:

They were having terrorism problems, just like we do. And he caught 50 terrorists who did tremendous damage and killed many people. And he took the 50 terrorists, and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in pigs’ blood — you heard that, right? He took 50 bullets, and he dipped them in pigs’ blood. And he had his men load his rifles, and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said: You go back to your people, and you tell them what happened. And for 25 years, there wasn’t a problem. Okay? Twenty-five years, there wasn’t a problem.

This account of Pershing’s actions has circulated on the internet since 2001, but US historians say there is very little if any evidence to support it.

As well as being bull and boorish, it further demonstrates Trump”s pig ignorance about how a world leader needs to conduct themselves.

Terrorists and potential terrorists are likely to be unaffected by his tweet, but those who can make a difference in the battle against radical Islamic terrorism are unlikely to be encouraged by Trump’s behaviour.

A conspiracy theorist is a of bit risk as supposed leader of the free world.

If Trump confines himself to unfounded claims on Twitter he may not do much damage apart from further denting US credibility, but the real risk is if he uses one of his conspiracy theories to justify military action.

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  2. duperez

     /  18th August 2017

    One man’s “pig ignorant” is another’s “doing it his own way”, “telling it like it is”, or “not playing the political game like career politicians play it.”

    I reckon it’s pig ignorance and there’s not enough telling that like it is.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  18th August 2017

      Poor piggies-we do insult them.

      I hadn’t heard the story, but it sounds improbable-was it 35 or 25 years ?

  3. David

     /  18th August 2017

    Most people are sick to death of the liberal elites proclaiming it wont change the way we live, which is rubbish, and all that mealy mouthed appeasement and hashtags and buildings lit up and actually something gets done about it and in a pretty decisive way.

  4. Conspiratoor

     /  18th August 2017

    Just when you think the lunatics are gaining the upper hand, the greatest political predictor in the history of the world enters stage left to add a touch of normalcy by challenging folks with their heads still attached to their shoulders, to detect when they are in a mass hysteria bubble…

    “History is full of examples of Mass Hysterias. They happen fairly often. The cool thing about mass hysterias is that you don’t know when you are in one. But sometimes the people who are not experiencing the mass hysteria can recognize when others are experiencing one, if they know what to look for.

    I’ll teach you what to look for”


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