Media watch – Saturday

19 August 2017


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  1. PDB

     /  August 19, 2017

    David Parker reverts to type regarding water tax at his farming stand-up event;

    Just goes to show that this is policy being made up as they go. Ardern’s team have so far done well to keep the focus on her and away from the cancer festering throughout the rest of her MP’s. Hipkin’s and Parker showing the true face of Labour.

    How is this any different to National MP Alfred Ngaro being hammered for saying he would turn off the financial tap to NGOs?

    • PDB

       /  August 19, 2017

      Supported by another at the same meeting:

    • Blazer

       /  August 19, 2017

      what are you going to do with all those ..cabbages you bought up…coleslaw?Ah can’t win..them all.

      • PDB

         /  August 19, 2017

        Maybe those cabbages could be used to represent your head around the country as the likeness is uncanny?

    • duperez

       /  August 19, 2017

      They don’t need to make up policy as they go. All they need to do is say something about water and everyone will chip in and say what it all means.
      The only true oracle of course is Michelle Boag.

  2. PDB

     /  August 19, 2017

    Left-wing protesters storm govt announcement in Dunedin……………………because the govt was announcing a brand new 1.2-1.4 billon $ hospital for the city.