Stuff – raw, uncut, and error ridden

The Christchurch leader’s debate should be good. It is being promoted by Stuff:

‘Raw, uncut’ election debate to hit Christchurch

Organisers of Christchurch’s party leaders’ debate are guaranteeing it will be the “grittiest” of them all.

The debate on September 7 – one of four to be held around the country before the election – will feature Prime Minister Bill English facing off against Labour leader Jacinda Ardern.

The Press Leaders’ Debate has emerged as the most hard-nosed of the election debates because of its traditional soapbox style in front of a heckling audience.

But the Press could do with being less raw and uncut in their self promotional blurb.

Press editor-in-chief Joanna Norris, who will moderate the debate along with Stuff political editor Tracy Watkins, said it would be the toughest of them all.


Cunliffe participated in the 2014 debate.

The Christchurch debate between John Key and Phil Goff in 2008 went down in political history, Norris said.

“There was a real turning point in the debate when John Key said to Goff ‘show me the money’ and basically the debate descended from there where Phil Goff couldn’t get traction back because Key just kept saying that over and over again.

 “It was pretty powerful, dramatic moment which became a bit of a turning point in the whole electoral campaign.”

The debate between John Key and Phil Goff was in 2011.

“This debate is not about the personality of the hosts and that sets it apart again from the TV debates. It’s about the leaders themselves and we’re very careful to provide a neutral platform and ask hard questions from both leaders,” she said.

Norris should ask hard questions of her writers and editors about their accuracy.

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  1. One of a kind

     /  19th August 2017

    To be fair the writer was probably thinking about NCEA exams in 2011 and couldn’t possibly be expected to know who was leader of Labour.

    Plus when they did their research (check their facebook feed) no one said anything about 2011.

  2. Strong For Life

     /  19th August 2017

    The Press was an impartial publication, today, under the editorship of Ms Norris it is not. Will Ms Norris and Ms Watkins ask Ms Adern the hard questions and put her on the spot… I doubt it.

    • Let’s hope so. Anyone here seen the David Parker threatens farmers in the MSM yet? Google only links to blogs and scoop.

      • Blazer

         /  20th August 2017

        desperation…threatens !!…the misinformation campaign reinvents itself ..every week.

    • I don’t believe the editorship is the reason we’ve lost impartiality. Media these days is nothing more than infomercials wrapped in newspaper, the contents of which go down like greasy fish’n’chips.

  3. Brown

     /  20th August 2017

    An interesting photo. Cunliffe looks, fleetingly, like a man.


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