Party ‘pulse’ and activity on social media

An early peek at Zavy, a new website that scores the positive and negative ‘pulse’ and activity of parties on social media by measuring the sentiment of of comments and public activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A current snapshot of the Facebook channel:


The Zavy Pulse maps the change in sentiment of each political party’s activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Text analytics define whether the comments made are positive, neutral or negative.

This illustrates Labour’s rise and sustained activity when Jacinda Ardern first took over, then the spike over the weekend with Labour’s campaign launch.

It also shows a dip and then a dramatic dive for the greens coinciding with their convulsions last week, and also a negative reaction to National’s boot camp policy.

The wideness of the lines show ‘volume of conversation’. You can scroll and click to see online articles and posts relevant to the measure.

You can point to any part of the lines to click up relevant news, like this from yesterday:


You can also compare public activity on different platforms.

Labour and TOP are doing the best on Facebook:


The Zavy Scoreboard presents each political party’s share of social media conversation: their total number of interactions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Greens and NZ First do better on Twitter:


The Greens dominate on Instagram.

It’s well worth having a play with: Zavy – New Zealand Election 2017

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  1. Gezza

     /  21st August 2017

    Well. If you want to get really fucking confused about what is going on with the social media mood of the electorate, and how it’s all trending, on a daily basis, this is the tool for you. 👍🏼

  2. I am sick of the concentration on polls and clever dick IT stuff . I actually want to see more comparisons, discussions and likely longterm outcomes and effects of the policies each party is putting forward. There is not enough out there and in your face yet so people with less time than me on their hands can properly inform themselves.


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