Maori poll semi interesting

Maori TV has done a poll through Reid Research. It has a large sample size of 2515, a low margin of error of 1.95, but it was conducted over a very eventful five weeks so it’s hard to know how useful it is.

Party vote:

  • Labour 46.5%
  • Maori Party 17.5%
  • NZ First 13.8%
  • National 9.5%
  • Greens 9%
  • Mana 1.8%
  • TOP 1.5%
  • Other 0.3%

Not surprising to see Labour well ahead.

Interesting to see National similar to the Greens – the Greens have been promoting their Maori policies and had hopes their Maori caucus could attract support.

It isn’t stated whether they are Maori voters in Maori electorates only or overall.

By my calculations these are the percentage party votes cast in the seven Maori electorates:

  • Labour 41.21%
  • Maori Party 14.04%
  • NZ First 12.98%
  • National 7.93%
  • Greens 11.16%
  • Internet Mana 10.22%
  • Legalise Cannabis 1.24%
  • Conservative 0.61%

Internet-Mana aren’t an option this year and Mana has not got many votes.

Labour and the Maori have picked up significant amounts, and National is up a bit.

Greens and NZ First are down on the Maori vote in 2014.

From:  Māori voters struck by the Ardern effect



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  1. PDB

     /  22nd August 2017

    Maori are suckers for punishment. Many vote Labour due to habit/tradition rather than actually think about how little Labour has done for them over the past few decades. The Maori party/National are streets ahead in working for the betterment of their people.

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