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22 August 2017

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  1. Alt left activists going mad. Happened a few hours ago in Baltimore. Oldest Columbus statue in US vandalised

  2. Corky

     /  22nd August 2017

    Here’s a Liberal idiot who’s name says it all- Sarah Hanson-Young.

    Pauline Hanson got it right. Demand and get an apology from this women.

    Meanwhile the usual platitudes are being expressed in Spain..’.ISIS will not defeat us; we are strong and our community has pulled together.’

    The reality is ISIS and other Muslims are crippling the West; striking at will and forcing us to change our way of life.

    While ignorant fools like Hanson-Young blabber on, Islam gives its unequivocal reply.

    • Blazer

       /  22nd August 2017

      used to own a pizza parlour in New Lynn.Became appalled at the standard of political journalism in NZ and decided to have a go…himself.

      • sorethumb

         /  22nd August 2017

        He has a strong identity politics ideology.

      • PDB

         /  22nd August 2017

        “Became appalled at the standard of political journalism in NZ and decided to have a go…himself.”

        Well he has done a good job of keeping to their low standards, in fact his article is even more appalling than most MSM articles so well done him.

    • Ray

       /  22nd August 2017

      Italian, self professed communist, house husband who seems to think he could run this country better than anyone else.
      Expert at directing the twitter pile on.

  3. Corky

     /  22nd August 2017

    Socialists are going nuts. They are flush with power.

    1- Phil has broken his rate rise promise.

    2- David Parker throwing his weight around.

    3- Some prick in Auckland making threats about Jacinda not getting a parking space.

    Lets hope the public doesn’t notice. Best they receive a 3 year medicinal dose of this leftie hate to cure them once and for all of their love affair with the Left.

  4. lurcher1948

     /  22nd August 2017

    YOU go and win Jacinda

    • PDB

       /  22nd August 2017

      Ha! They forgot to mention the huge amount of taxes they want to implement.

      And why didn’t she catch a train to the party launch?

    • Gezza

       /  22nd August 2017

      Very slick, clever ad. Especially the way it frames their opponents right at the outset of the campaign as trying to undermine them because they don’t want a better society. They haven’t engaged Crosby Textor have they, by any chance?

  5. lurcher1948

     /  22nd August 2017

    Im watching Paul Ryan,house speaker talk in a town hall speak ,what a great talker, WHAT DRUGS AND BOOSE where the GOP on when trump become their leader,the wheels came off the bus…

  6. Corky

     /  22nd August 2017

    How would I advise Bill English if I was on his team. Apart from suggesting a Cacai Beauty Clinic tone up, I would advise thus:

    ” Prime Minister, after Jacinda finishes making her policy point start your reply with:”

    1- Where will that end?

    2- What will be the end result?

    3- The negative outcome of that will be

    ” One further thing, Prime Minister: Do not ever ever repeat ” show us the money.”

  7. Kitty Catkin

     /  22nd August 2017

    I couldn’t believe that idiot who’s tempted fate by telling Talley’s that his parents had been in a car crash, father dead, mother in Intensive Care. What bad kharma !!!

    If I’d been Talley’s, I’d have gone all out to recover the$170,000, even if it took the father and son years to pay it.


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