The Ardern agenda

Jacinda Ardern has been around different media being question about policies, especially tax.

RNZ: Campaign day 2: let’s talk about tax, baby

It’s day two of the election campaign and Labour faced pressure to provide more detail on its tax plans, but is keeping its cards close to its chest – for now.

She was pushed hard on policy in an interview by Guyon Espiner: VIDEO: Jacinda Ardern won’t rule out capital gains tax

NZH:  Jacinda Ardern in The PM Job Interview: ‘It’s time to talk about a republic’

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says it’s time New Zealand started having the conversation about New Zealand becoming a republic.

“I do think that we should start having the conversation. There are a lot of issues that need to be resolved on that path, and I would have liked the government to have had that conversation when the flag debate came up,” Ardern said during a special PM Job Interview with the Herald today.

“That was the time to say, ‘actually, where are we heading? What’s the Crown’s ongoing relationship with Maori if we transition into a republic? Where will we be in 20 years’ time in this regard.'”

Patrick Gower tries to answer  What is the Ardern agenda?

Income tax

A new tax rate on higher earners on say $120,000-$150,000 could be announced in the coming days.

Capital gains tax

Ardern has made a ‘captain’s call’ to not rule out a CGT (excluding family homes) pending an expert panel review during her first term.

Retirement age


Ardern has ruled out raising it raise it – ever.


Ardern says if elected, she will pull out of the deal unless Labour gets a clause allowing it to ban foreign home buyers. She thinks it can be renegotiated.

Water tax

Labour wants to charge a ‘fair and affordable’ royalty to large commercial users of water – including water bottling companies.

Climate change

Ardern revealed she could charge farmers for emissions in the first term of a Labour Government by bringing agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme.


Ardern supports legalising medicinal cannabis and expanding the access of medicinal products, but won’t be drawn on how she’d deal with the wider topic of decriminalising recreational cannabis.


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  1. PDB

     /  22nd August 2017

    The Labour crusade to punish farmers continues to grow;

    *Likely to be a CGT on all farm sales.
    *Water tax.
    *Immigration reduction.
    *Emission charges.

  2. artcroft

     /  23rd August 2017

    Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says it’s time New Zealand started having the conversation about New Zealand becoming a republic.

    So no to a new flag but suddenly we need a new republic. I’d really rather hear you speak frankly about your ideas around tax.

  3. Ray

     /  23rd August 2017

    And who exactly are the people who will be the “experts” who will make the decision for all of us?

    • PDB

       /  23rd August 2017

      No doubt labour party MP’s, unionists and ‘independent experts’ like M. Cullen and H. Clark.


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