Green candidate now standing in Ohariu

The Green party has just announced they will now stand a candidate in the Ohariu electorate.

Last November it was suggested that Labour and the Greens may be doing some deals in electorates.

Good morning, @avancenz joins us soon with exclusive details of backroom deals between Labour and the Greens ahead of next year’s election

‘In Nelson the Greens feel like they can pick up a lot of votes’ @avancenz on backroom deals between Labour and Greens.

Green’s won’t stand a candidate in Ohariu, paving the way for a Labour candidate to battle with United Future’s Peter Dunne.

Green’s co-leader Metiria Turei will run in Te Tai Tonga, Labour candidate Rino Tirikatene told by party not to run.

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In February James Shaw announced that the Greens wouldn’t stand a candidate in Ohariu to give Labour candidate Greg O’Connor a better chance against Peter Dunne,

Stuff: Greens step aside in Ohariu to help Labour’s O’Connor – despite misgivings

The Greens have dropped any plans to run a candidate in the Ohariu seat in a move aimed at giving Labour’s Greg O’Connor a better chance of winning the marginal seat – despite Green misgivings about his past views.

Green co-leader James Shaw said the decision was taken in the interests of changing the Government, which was the party’s  priority.

“We have been very clear with our supporters and the public about that since we signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Labour last year,” he said.

“Not standing in Ohariu increases the chances that we will be in a position to change the Government in September – it’s as simple as that.’

Greens may have hoped that Labour would do them a favour in one or two electorates but nothing has eventuated.

Regardless, in June Greens confirmed they would actively contest the Nelson electorate.

Green Party to run strong campaign to unseat Nick Smith in Nelson

The Green Party is today announcing that its Nelson candidate, second term local councillor Matt Lawrey, will run to win the electorate and unseat Nick Smith in September’s election.

Mr Lawrey and the Green Party will run a strong two-tick campaign in Nelson, and will offer a positive, solutions-based alternative to Dr Smith and National. It is the Green Party’s first run at winning an electorate seat since Jeanette Fitzsimons won Coromandel in 1999.

Two weeks ago Metitia Turei resigned as co-leader and withdrew from the list but she is still standing (for the first time) in Te Tai Tonga, the southernmost Maori electorate (she stood in Dunedin North in 2008, 2011 and 2014).

Two days ago Peter Dunne announced he wouldn’t be standing in Ohariu.

Just now:

Woodley stood for the Greens in Ohariu in 2014. He is 27 on the Green list so unlikely to come close to getting into Parliament via the list.

In the past Green candidates have been under strict instructions to put all their efforts into seeking party votes.

This election two candidates at least are actively campaigning for electorates. Woodley may or may not do similarly, but joing the electorate contest he must make O’Connor’s task quite a bit harder, especially as National candidate Brett Hudson is not competing with Dunne for the same votes.

Are the Greens trying to deliberately shut O’Connor out? Turei has said in the past she does not agree with many of his stances, and presumably other Greens are not keen on him either.

Greens may simply be doing whatever they can to try to rescue as many party votes they can after some worrying poll results.

They could be also now less inclined to help Labour out.

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  1. Ray

     /  23rd August 2017

    End of the MOU?

    • I thought it had effectively more or less became redundant when the Greens with Turei seemed to be going for broke (and Labour votes).

      • One of a kind

         /  23rd August 2017

        I suspect that the Greens have finally woken up to Labour’s involvement in the decapitation of Me Tu. Shades of Comrade Red vs Comrade Green here.

  2. Reply
  3. United Future are also standing a candidate in Ohariu.

    UnitedFuture party president announced today that Bale Nadakuitavuki will stand as the party candidate for Ohariu.

    “It’s an absolute honour and a privilege to stand for the people of Ohariu. The values and principles that we as UnitedFuture firmly stand for, stand strong within me as our candidate for Ohariu.” Said Mr Nadakuitavuki accepting the nomination.

    “Despite being a first time candidate, Bale has proven himself a great representative for UnitedFuture.” Said Mr Light. “He’s had a great response in Wellington Central and we were a little reluctant to move him, but Bale is determined to stand for his local area.”

    Mr Nadakuitavuki has lived and grown up in the area for the past 20 years, volunteering for local community groups.

    “I am very keen on serving the people of Ohariu with distinction and honour should you vote for me.” Said Mr Nadakuitavuki.

    “We strongly believe that we as a party have a part to play in this government and in New Zealand’s future and I hope to meet more and more of you as the weeks progress towards what has been so far a tumultuous time.”

    Mr Nadakuitavuki’s nomination as candidate for Ohariu signals a new era for UnitedFuture.

    “Let us not forget what Peter has stood for but let us now look forward with hope to what we can continue to offer as a party for the people of Ohariu”. Concluded Mr Nadakuitavuki.

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  5. Tipene

     /  24th August 2017

    The Greens are now in abject panic mode, aren’t they?

    Reality has flooded upon them, and the are discovering that they can’t swim after all.


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