In some ways Gareth Morgan and his TOP party were a refreshingly different addition to the election mix.

They had well researched and specific policies, they weren’t after power, they wanted to influence policies. And Morgan connected well with audiences.

But the last few days in social media they look like toppling over. Perhaps it’s due to the pressure of what has already been a long campaign for Morgan.  Or perhaps it’s the pressure of not getting enough progress in the polls.

Whatever the driver, both Morgan’s PR sidekick Sean Plunket as well as Morgan have been acting like arses in social media, especially on Twitter.

This has involved petulance and abuse, and has gone as far as a sustained period of harassment of Lizzie Marvelly by Plunket.

I think it is destroying any credibility and goodwill they may have had with the media, and that won’t help their chances of getting traction.

I thought that TOP on the cross benches could have added a useful new dimension to Parliament.

But if they keep acting like arrogant ignorant arses they won’t get close (they may already have destroyed any chance they had).

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  1. Morgan is still pulling good crowds:

  2. PDB

     /  24th August 2017

    And what started the requests for Marvelly to debate Morgan face to face?

    • PDB

       /  24th August 2017

      She also continued to bait them by running them down in her comments but didn’t have the guts to debate directly with them;

    • She is not trying to get elected. She won’t lose any votes, TOP, Morgan and Plunket risk ruining any chance they may have had. Stupid and inappropriate.

      • PDB

         /  24th August 2017

        Maybe not but she writes a newspaper column for NZ Herald and her blog won best blog site at the 2017 Canon Media awards so therefore could be considered part of the MSM.

        • Joe Bloggs

           /  25th August 2017

          Gasp. Shock, horror… columnist criticised for expressing an opinion. Whatever is this world coming to?


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