New Zealander of the Year nominations

Nominations for New Zealander of the Year were used as a political campaign to promote Metiria Turei, have become dominated by the number of nominations for an Australian politician who recently denounced his New Zealand citizenship, Barnaby Joyce.

Nominations for New Zealander of the Year for 2018 close on 18 September (well short of the end of the year). The top 10 will be announced at the end of the year (30/12), the top 3 will be announced on 24 January 2018. The website doesn’t say under ‘Key Dates’ when the winners will be announced – it will be at a gala in Auckland on 21 February 2018.

Why are they always announced in Auckland? There are some other parts of the country too.

2018 New Zealander of the Year Awards Update

The New Zealander of the Year Awards office is pleased to provide the following nominations update for the 2018 New Zealander of the Year Awards.

• 371 nominations have been received for 2018 New Zealander of the Year.

• Support for former co-leader of the Green Party Metiria Turei has continued to grow since her resignation and she has received the most nominations.

• Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has received the second most. At the conclusion of the nominations period the Awards office will assess Mr Joyce’s eligibility based on his citizenship and other criteria.


After nominations close on 18 September 2017, a judging panel – comprising representatives of awards patrons, presenters, sponsors, community leaders and independent experts – will evaluate the nominations. The shortlist of 10 candidates to be considered for the New Zealander of the Year Award will be announced in December.

Comment from New Zealander of the Year Awards manager, Glyn Taylor:

“With three weeks to go, the nominations for 2018 New Zealander of the Year come from all fields of achievement and community service. It’s also not unusual for people of the moment to attract significant support during the public nominations period.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the expected upswing in nominations in these final weeks. The independent judging panel will then consider each nomination on how a particular individual has contributed to making New Zealand a better place to live”.

Barnaby Joyce’s denouncement of he New Zealand should rule him out, and he has hardly “contributed to making New Zealand a better place to live”.

Turei’s nominations are premature at least. Some may see her putting the Green Party at risk of dropping out of Parliament a contribution, but the reality is that while she risked her career to speak up for poor people and against poverty it’s very arguable about how much she has actually achieved.

By the end of the year she may be virtually forgotten. Remember Russel Norman? Kevin Hague? One an ex Green leader too, the other an ex Green MP, and arguably both have done as much or more for New Zealand than Turei, but they don’t have political point scoring campaigners behind them.

If the Greens do poorly in next month’s election then even the political faction pushing her barrow may fizzle somewhat.

If a political campaign succeeded in making Turei New Zealander of the year it would be as lame as a political knighthood or damehood.

Turei may yet prove her worth as an advocate for the poor in the future, but she has gone backwards rather than forwards this year, and so has what could actually have been able to make a real difference, the Green Party.

We should be looking more at others on the list who have been overshadowed by politics and farce:

• Other nominated New Zealanders for 2018 Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year include:

o Kristina Cavit – founder and director of The Kindness Institute
o Grant Dalton – managing director of Team New Zealand
o Kelly Dugan – CEO and founder SmileDial NZ INC
o Mark Dunajtschik – philanthropist
o Heather Henare – CEO of Skylight and former CEO of Women’s Refuge New Zealand
o Dr Mike Joy – senior lecturer in ecology / zoology at Massey University
o Mike King – mental health advocate
o Lizzie Marvelly – musician, writer and activist
o Michael Meredith – award winning chef and co-founder of Eat My Lunch
o Kathryn Ryan – broadcaster
o Annah Stretton – fashion designer and founder of Reclaim Another Women
o Dr Ingrid Visser – founder of Orca Research Trust



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  1. Tipene

     /  26th August 2017

    Right, so literally anyone can be nominated – there doesn’t seem to be any qualifying screening criteria whatsoever.

    How utterly meaningless.

    • Brown

       /  26th August 2017

      Yep. Lead a cause, get on TV or cover of Woman’s day and you get noticed with people grabbing a memory to promote their present name in the sun. Dalton, hard worker though he appears to be, was just having a good time doing what he loved while pocketing dosh in nice parts of the world. If we have to have heroes we at least need to remember what they look like. The baubles of men are dangerous indeed.

    • Anyone can be nominated, but there will be qualifying screening before the top 10 is decided.

  2. Past winners:
    – 2012 Richard Taylor
    – 2013 Anne Salmond
    – 2014 Lance O’Sullivan
    – 2015 Stephen Tindall
    – 2016 Richie McCaw

    • Tipene

       /  26th August 2017

      Yes good point – can;t see [Deleted – use proper names] being added to this list, or [Deleted, use proper names] for that matter.

      • Tipene

         /  26th August 2017

        Oh c’mon Pete, let me have a little licence with humour 🙂

        • I’ve made it clear a number of times that derogatory name calling is not welcome here. What is funny to some can be offensive to others, and the experience has been if I allow some name calling it escalates and gets very ugly.

          So for the sake of decent discussion use people’s proper names.

  3. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  26th August 2017

    Why are they always announced in Auckland?
    It’s a marketing-media scambo from Kiwibank and their media mates.

  4. Pete Kane

     /  26th August 2017

    “Nominations for New Zealander of the Year were used as a political campaign to promote Metiria Turei,………” If I were Green leadership I would be pulling my hair out over this.

    • Tipene

       /  26th August 2017

      Yes, the “law of unintended consequence” never really does register with the radical left, does it?

      SJW 1: Hey, lets do ( )!

      SJW 2: “Yes great idea! Truth to Power and all that shit!

      Voice of Reason: Have you considered the possible outcome of the decision you are about to make?

      SJW 1 & 2: #wecanjustifyanythingevenviolencebecausewearealwaysright (heart sign with hands, next to glowing tea candle and “Love Conquors Hate” placard)

    • David

       /  26th August 2017

      Metiria Turei is being honored for her great service to NZ. She has, in one easy stroke, destroyed the Green Party for a decade. That is an achievement worthy of a NZ’er of the year.

  5. J Bloggs

     /  26th August 2017

    If Metiria Turei, self confessed fraudster, gets “NZ’er the year”, the only outcome will be that the “NZ’er of the year” loses whatever significance it may possess

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  26th August 2017

      No, they’ll just rename it to bludger of the year.

    • duperez

       /  26th August 2017

      No, it only has significance to those who want to give it significance. A bit like knighthoods.

  6. Zedd

     /  26th August 2017

    Ive been half expecting to see ‘Sir John’ on the list OR should he be… “Biggest Crook of the year’ instead ? 😀

  7. Revel

     /  26th August 2017

    Does Lizzie Marvelly just sit there all year nominating herself for awards?!

  8. Gezza

     /  27th August 2017

    Fkn outrageous! Not only has PG not even been a contender but I’m totally missing from the nominations AGAIN!

    After all I’ve bloody done for this country ! 🖕🏼

    • Pete Kane

       /  27th August 2017

      On to it! Don’t panic.

      • Gezza

         /  27th August 2017

        I just can’t understand it Pete. 😳 207 email nominations for myself I sent in this year. I’ve used up all the alias extra free extra account email names & addresses allowed in every email service I could find on the web. Even Kim Jong Un II. 😕 Bloody nightmare thinking up birthdates, post codes & passwords, as you can probably imagine! Got me beat. Maybe I have to bribe someone?


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