Robin Grieve ACT – Whangarei

Robin Grieve, ACT candidate for Whangarei, has supplied answers to the questions that Stuff asked the two Shanes – see Shane v Shane Anor (Whangarei).

What is the most important issue for you.

As a regional centre connectivity to markets and services is vital. The motorway extension that will see a four lane highway from Auckland to Whangarei is vital for our primary industry, our tourism, our lifestyle and our prosperity. Labour, Greens and NZ First all opposed this extension and even insulted us by calling it the holiday highway. Those three parties have a cheek to even stand in this electorate for that reason.

Tell us something about yourself

I am a petrol head. I love motor racing having raced a production saloon at Whangarei speedway for seventeen years. I own a 1971 Mustang 429 Cobrajet and love driving it.

Is the Jacinda effect real?

Jacinda or Taxinda as I prefer to call her has a personality that has certainly created more interest in the election. In that sense the Jacinda effect is real. In terms of the election I don’t believe it will do any more than change the seating arrangements around the opposition table. There are enough thinking voters out there who require more depth of thought in their PM.  They will vote for Bill.

Why should people vote for me

They shouldn’t, I only want the party vote. They should vote for Reti because he has achieved a lot for our electorate and he actually lives here too, which is very important.

What do you think of the Shane’s?

Reti is a quiet achiever who works hard for the electorate. I respect him and thank him.

Jones is a pretender, he doesn’t live in Whangarei and he is just treating us like a meal ticket. Anyone who has so little respect for taxpayer’s hard earned money that they abuse it by buying motel porn with it, does not deserve our vote. Yes he apologized and paid it back but the fact that it never occurred to him in the first place that an MP should respect the taxpayers of New Zealand is enough reason to keep him out of Parliament. He has got a cheek standing again in my opinion.

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  1. Brown

     /  26th August 2017

    Like the sound of him.

  2. duperez

     /  26th August 2017

    Big surprise, moral equivocation from an Act candidate. Jones apologized and paid it back but it never occurred to him (Jones) an MP should respect the taxpayers of New Zealand?

    Bill English paid back $32,000 and didn’t apologise. Yet Robin Grieve is concerned not just about some moral and respect issues about but “depth of thought” ?

    Robin Grieve, a petrol head, limits regional connectivity to roads and is upset when someone calls it a holiday highway?

    Robin Grieve uses a juvenile epithet to describe Ardern? With due respect, Mr Grieve, you might garner more respect if you treated the electorate with more respect.

    Then again, the electorate you appeal to might only be interested in your version of it.

  3. Corky

     /  26th August 2017

    Northland, land of the handout. I class Act, along with National, as socialist parties, whose point of difference is they are tighter with the purse strings and expect more personal responsibility from the population then socialists further to the left of the political spectrum.

    For that reason, Grieve ,hasn’t enough cookies in the cookie jar to tempt Northland voters.

  4. Thank you for taking the trouble to answer those questions too Robin Grieve. Much appreciated.


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