Shane v Shane Anor (Whangarei)

Poorly balanced coverage of the Whangarei electorate from Stuff, promoting one Shane, tacking another on the end (who is likely to win despite media efforts to swing it), and ignoring any other candidates.


The dog just happened to be in the (bloody!) pop up advertising, but it aptly represents the blanket coverage of selected pugs of candidates with the rest ignored.

These are the known candidates for Whangarei (not that Stuff gives a stuff):

  • Robin Grieve (ACT)
  • Ash Howell (Greens)
  • Chris Leitch (Democrats)
  • Tony Savage (Labour)
  • Jim Taylor (Conservative)
  • Shane Reti (National)
  • Shane Jones (NZ First)

Media have a bad habit of excluding candidates they don’t think have a chance so the voters never get a balanced view of what’s on offer.

National MP  Shane Reti would have to do very badly not to get back in. he got 20,111 votes in 2014, with Kelly Ellis (Labour) next with 6,942.

The NZ First candidate Pita Paraone got 4th with 2,944 votes but he has been shunted aside by Winston Peters because Jones, like Peters, gets preferential media attention.

That’s unlikely to be enough to result in a win in Whangarei  for Jones but Peters will probably ensure he gets back into through a favourable list placing.


What’s the most important issue to you?

Jones: “Winning Whangarei and losing weight so that in my victory speech I look svelte and quite agreeable.”

Reti: “Serving the people of Whangarei, listening and meeting their needs.”

Tell us something about yourself people might not know.

Jones: “I fell off a motorbike…in 2005 in Raratonga. TV1 saw me limp through Auckland airport with a great big gash on my leg. When I got to the caucus Helen [Clark] let rip. That was before she learnt diplomacy at the UN.”

Reti: “I drummed for 20 years and then got tired of being the guy who arrived first to set up…when the bass player is standing beside me looking cool. So when I went to Harvard I played bass guitar in an indie band.”

Is the Jacinda effect real?

Jones: “Without a doubt in metropolitan New Zealand. I have not encountered major evidence that it’s sweeping across the voting families of Whangarei.”

Reti: “I’m not seeing it here in Whangarei, people are more interested in talking to me about the economy.”

That’s an interesting double observation.

Why should people vote for you?

Jones: “If you want to have a candidate who will be a minister and who will be at the centre of forming the next government, because without a doubt change is on the way, then they should vote for someone who’s a proven negotiator.”

Reti: “Because Whangarei deserves a hardworking MP who lives in the electorate and has already demonstrated a track record.”

What do you think of the other Shane?

Jones: “He probably would have done better if he’d stayed in the medical field, I don’t think he’s got the stuffing to be a knife fighter sort of politician.”

Reti: “I respect every opponent, and he’ll have my respect as well.”

Whangarei voters can make of that what they like.


  1. One man who cares about the people of Whangarei and another.
    How starkly different are the answers to the questions there?

    • Conspiratoor

       /  26th August 2017

      Being caring doesn’t make someone an effective mp if it doesn’t translate into anything tangible. I would guess 99% of the locals wouldn’t know reti if they fell over him

      • Most people don’t know most MPs.

        Most people don’t know deputy leaders – and quite a few don’t know all leaders.

        • Gezza

           /  27th August 2017

          Labour leader – Jacinda Wotsername
          National Leader – some Brit I think, face looks familiar
          Greens leader – Nobody – rudderless & heading for the rocks
          NZ First – The Silver Fox
          ACT – Seymour David Coqs
          TOP – Gareth Moggkiller
          Legalise Cannabis Party – I can only ever remember when I’m stoned.
          Conservatives – stuffed if I know, doesn’t matter anyway. Might as well be a judge!
          Hate TheNatz Party – Blazer, I think. Lurch is the deputy.

          • Gezza

             /  27th August 2017

            Oops – Maori Party. Marama Sledgehammer Fox & Te Ururoa Always Speaks Maori Flavell – which is blmmin Pakeha Name ! 👍🏼

      • pickled possum

         /  27th August 2017

        Yes correct there Con the only sign of Reti is his Big Blue Signs which I often lift a finger to when passing them.

        Reti didn’t endear himself to us Northlander’s or the people of the dusty roads
        ie Pipiwai back when the Northland by-election was coming up.

        “A National MP has denied bullying a Northland group after he told it to stop protesting about dusty roads until after the by-election, or risk not getting the roads sealed.
        In a phone call to Alex Wright, the spokeswoman for the Pipiwai residents group, Whangarei MP Dr Shane Reti told her to “hold her breath” until after the crucial Northland by-election on March 28″

        Two years on …
        Air quality testing for PM10 (the smallest dust particle) in Pipiwai have revealed levels exceeded the national health guidelines.

        But they do have $1.3 million to build a mosaic tile piece of art from Northland Inc
        I would have preferred to have spent all of that money on the dusty road.

        • Conspiratoor

           /  27th August 2017

          Tell me about it possum. I’m having to endure the terrifying sight of hone grinning at me like a mad dog in three separate locations.
          At least they’ve managed to airbrush the permanent sneer away

          • pickled possum

             /  27th August 2017

            Haha that’s real funni Con
            DT not mine but I give a UT for comedy content.
            cause there is no accounting for taste eh Con.

            • Conspiratoor

               /  27th August 2017

              DT was mine, glad you enjoyed it possum.

              I’m curious though. Since you appear to be close to the action can you tell me whether hone received the $500K he was promised for selling himself to the jolly german.

              And what has he done with his time in the wilderness? What tangible benefits has he produced in that time for ‘his people’

            • Gezza

               /  27th August 2017

              Sic ‘im Poss. ❤️
              Off for a nap.

  2. So now can we have the other Whangarei candidates answers to the same questions ??

    • That’s what Stuff should have done. I’can’t match their audience but I’m happy to give them an opportunity.

    • I’ve emailed all the other candidates and offered them a chance to answer as well.

  3. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  26th August 2017

    I think I’ve figured out the Anor bit.
    Perhaps YourNZ language expert can help me out.

    • I’ve been reading too many court documents.

      It means ‘others’ and is commonly used to abbreviated case descriptions when there are more than one defendant/respondent.

  4. Conspiratoor

     /  26th August 2017

    Two good blokes but the nowhere man has just enough energy to turn up for a ribbon cutting. Needs to return to medicine where his skills are needed. Jones has a huge deficit to claw back but I think he might just pull it off. He’s been campaigning like a man possessed

    • Gezza

       /  27th August 2017

      Christ, c !

      Dunno what electorate you’re in – & I realise it’s a secret ballot, & entirely up to you – but just between you & me, I hope you’re not gonna vote for that blimmin waka-jumping porno boy!

      If he gets back in to Parliament I shudder to think of what his allowances might be spent on!

      Is there a Mowree Party Candidate? What about voting for them?

      Just a thought … ? 😬

      • Conspiratoor

         /  27th August 2017

        Son in law’s been helping him erect his hoardings. Says hes a good bloke …sweats like a whore in church though

        • Gezza

           /  27th August 2017

          I’m not fkn surprised ! 😡 Good choice of words. 👍🏼

          • Gezza

             /  27th August 2017

            PS: I did everything. Dad had a great send off yesterday. More smiles & laughter than tears there. They broke into loud applause after my waiata (I rewrote Like A Rock to apply to him), which shocked me – it was a chapel ! So I think I did a good job. Ma is proud of me. We are doing fine.

            • Pete Kane

               /  27th August 2017

              Best wishes G.

            • PDB

               /  27th August 2017

              Sounds like he got a great send-off G, good to hear all is well with the family.

            • Gezza

               /  27th August 2017

              Cheers PK & PDB. Bugger-all sleep the past week. Off to have a nana-nap. I see so far two wankers have missed me 🌸🌸😘

  5. duperez

     /  26th August 2017

    Can Shane Jones win National safe seat Whangarei? I believe the more Jones is linked with Peters the more votes he will get. Something to do with a protest vote.

    Murray Smith was the last non-National MP in the electorate, was elected in 1972 and though highly regarded as a local MP, was dumped in 1976.

    Can Shane Jones win Whangarei? He will make a dent in the majority but it would take an absolute miracle for Reti to not win. So much of a miracle that it would be reasonable to say that Reti losing is impossible.

  6. Bill Brown

     /  27th August 2017

    One question surely now is will National look to make Whangarei like Epsom

    The Greens exploding and Jacindamania have made quite a difference

    Given Jones left Labour to work for National it’s hard to see him wanting to partner with Labour

    Then again Peters will go where HE is best looked after

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