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  1. Missy

     /  26th August 2017

  2. Missy

     /  26th August 2017

    Ready for Rees-Mogg?

    Anne Sutherland writing for Conservative Woman is.

    • Absolutely ready for JRM

      Vive la Kingdom of a United Britain!

    • Blazer

       /  26th August 2017

      a embarrassing clown that belongs in another era that has no chance of leading the Conservatives unless they have a death wsh.The article is a puff piece written by a deluded…fan.

      • Trevors_elbow

         /  26th August 2017

        Bitterness is a cup best sipped from shallowly and infrequently Blazer….

        Your chugging from a deep, deep pint is making you….. somewhat……. unreadable [deleted]

  3. Likely to be ‘catastrophic,’ ‘life-threatening,’ forecasters warn

  4. Missy

     /  26th August 2017

    Today Germany banned a far left website. It is a crime to continue using the site, linksunten.indymedia, and police seized computers and some weapons in raids on addresses of activists in the south-western Baden-Wuerttemberg region.

    The interior ministry described the site as the central communications platform among far-left extremists prone to violence, and that the site was used to exchange tips about violent protest methods and to spread anti-constitutional extreme left-wing content.

  5. Another one leaving the White House.

  6. Four years ago:

  7. Missy

     /  26th August 2017

    Last night the area around Buckingham Palace went into lockdown after 2 police officers were attacked by a man allegedly carrying either a sword or machete, police haven’t said anything about a weapon being used, witnesses have described a weapon being used. A man in his early 20’s has been arrested on suspicion of GBH and assault on police, and police are saying it is too early to determine if this was a terrorist attack.

    The man reportedly stopped his car in front of police (indicating they were the target), and when the police noticed a large knife in the car went to arrest him, which is when he attacked. Knife crime in London is not unusual, but it is usually confined to specific areas in South, East, and North London. The knife related offences in Central London this year have been terror related, (that includes arrests before any incident).

    This attack came less than 2 hours after a terrorist attack on soldiers in Brussels where the attacker was shot, and has since died. I believe one soldier was injured in the attack.

    So, whilst the police are saying it is too early to say if this was terror related I would not be surprised if it was for the following reasons:

    1. The location, it was outside a main tourist attraction, this is not an area where ‘normal’ knife crime takes place in London, also, Buckingham Palace is a symbol of Britain, and the Islamic Terrorists put a lot of stock in symbolism. Also, it is not an area that is known for knife crime in London, it is an unusual choice of location for the gangs that normally carry out these types of crime.

    2. The choice of target. The Police were attacked, but I think that is because they approached the suspect, if they hadn’t I wonder if the tourists nearby would have been the target.

    3. The choice of weapon. If the witness accounts are correct, and a sword or machete was used, based on previous incidences of both terror attacks in Europe and knife crime in London, these are both weapons more likely to be associated with the terrorists as opposed to the gangs.

    4. The timing. This came just over an hour after a similar attack in Brussels. It is also the Friday evening at the start of the last bank holiday weekend until Christmas, and the end of both British and European summer holidays.

    5. The weather. I know, it sounds stupid, but lately it seems the terrorists have been carrying out these types of attacks on warm, balmy, clear evenings. This is most likely because these types of evenings bring out a lot of people to enjoy it, especially after a cool and slightly damp week or so, as we have had in the UK.

    Of course my speculation could be wrong, but based on what is known I think there is a case for it being a terror related attack on the police.

    it could also be correct but not released as such by the police to the media since they have the guy and he is unharmed, no shots were fired, meaning that this will soon be forgotten in the news cycle unless the police put out a press release.

    • Missy

       /  26th August 2017

      Further update on this.

      Two police officers were injured.

      The man has been further arrested on terrorism offences in addition to GBH & assault on Police. I am not surprised about this.


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