National Party campaign launch

National have made sure they have showed that Bill English can pull a crowd with a big campaign launch today.

Stuff:  National launches official campaign with $379 million education bid

National has officially opened its election campaign to chaotic and noisy scenes as thousands of supporters crammed a West Auckland stadium.

English said National had always known the election would be close. It was now a clear choice for voters.

“National’s plan is to keep New Zealand moving forward – a confident plan for a confident country,” he told supporters.

“A strong National team energised by new ideas. A team that’s open to trade, open to investment, and knows how an economy works.

“Or an unstable, untested group on the left that would risk it all with unpredictable and unclear policies.”

Text: Bill English’s campaign launch speech.


  1. PDB

     /  August 27, 2017

    And the lead story on today? “Jacinda Ardern: I didn’t want to work for Tony Blair”.

    Apparently a very sad tale of how Ardern thought that living overseas, earning some cash, and having a good time trumped the fact she was working for a war criminal. She was then disappointed she didn’t get to meet the war criminal in person;

    “”She had very low expectations, so when the job offer came, “I was absolutely gutted. I felt this real dilemma, which was absolutely about Blair.”

    She still took the job though.

    “It was totally pragmatic. I wanted to live overseas. I wanted to have that time and experience abroad. I was doing amazing voluntary work that I loved, but I needed to live so I took the job.”

    She didn’t realise till she got to London what a tiny cog she would be – “we were in a unit of 80, and we were one of many units” – and that the connection to Blair was zilch.””

  2. Corky

     /  August 27, 2017

    So many Asians in the crowd. They hate bludgers. So many Polynesians at Labours launch. They have a different world view.

  3. johnny

     /  August 27, 2017

    why can we no use shipping containers for emergentcy house they were used i christchurch for a pop up shop
    common sense is the best defence

  4. Corky

     /  August 27, 2017

    National have a problem regarding Bills speech pattern. He has a habit of pausing at critical moments when talking. That jars the listeners attention away from what he is trying to convey.

    Conversely, Jacinda has a smooth and concise delivery from start to finish. I must say I’m impressed by the way she presents. However, we are yet to see her under pressure.

    • PDB

       /  August 27, 2017

      Easier to talk to a group of rabid supporters in a stage managed situation reading off pre-prepared notes – lets see how she goes in a neutral or even hostile environment answering the tough questions.

      It appears so far any tough questions put to Ardern get the ‘working group after the election’ deflection/ non-answer.

      • Corky

         /  August 27, 2017

        Yes, the first shoot out this week we be critical. Bill must win it at all costs. Whoever stutters, will stutter at election time.

        • Blazer

           /  August 27, 2017

          Bills a dead man …walking.

          • PDB

             /  August 27, 2017

            Hate to break it to you Blazer but the winner of this election may well be the loser……….

          • Corky

             /  August 27, 2017

            Maybe. But Labour are dead men walking- win or lose. Bill has choices. Stay or move on after he is replaced as leader. Jacinda, on the other hand….