Tony Savage (Labour) – Whangarei

Tony Savage, Labour candidate for Whangarei, has supplied answers to the questions that Stuff asked the two Shanes – (see Shane v Shane Anor (Whangarei).

What’s the most important issue to you?

My singled most important issue is that everyone gets a fair stab at prosperity.
Not every one is able to take up that chance, but we all deserve opportunity.

Tell us something about yourself people might not know.

I used to Divemaster boats out to the Knights.

I have a mircolight pilot license.

Is the Jacinda effect real?

Is that still a Question?

Why should people vote for you?

I don’t owe anyone any favours.
If we keep doing the same things, with the same people,recycled, then  we will get the same results.
Whangarei and Northland will be ignored. Again.
It is in my DNA to question “why”?
Why can’t we do better?
That can be a pain when you want everything to stay the same.
But is this the NZ you want?
Our campaign is about change.

What do you think of the other Shane?

A very good and decent doctor, I believe. May wish to go back to that when in opposition?

The other Shane – likely List MP

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