Abuse unabated at Kiwiblog

An abusive and toxic environment at Kiwblog seems to continue unabated.

Kiwiblog is one of the most unmoderated blogs in New Zealand, with ‘free speech’ abuses often ruling over decency and fairness.

I have an extensive history at Kiwiblog probably still stand as one of the most prolific commenters there, but I have mostly given up on following comments threads. Too much abuse and awful comments directed at other commenters, politicians and anyone dragged into a topic.

David Farrar had another wee dig at Jacinda Ardern in Interesting recollection

In response Huevon commented:

I couldn’t finish reading the article without feeling I would throw up.

What a self righteous bitch. Brash was voicing perfectly legitimate concerns from many people about race relations in this country and the bogus privileges and exemptions applied to Maori. He is the rarest of creatures on the right in NZ – a man of principles AND courage.

She clearly holds most white NZers in contempt. She wants power simply to fulfil her ideological fantasies. God help us if this woman gets power.

Upticks 55, downticks 3

Daphne Whitethigh replied:

(Hidden due to low comment rating)

I wish commenters would stop the ad feminam insults.

Upticks 6, downticks 46

Rich Prick:

Why? Some of us just don’t have the stomach for the show pony. You are free to scroll past opinions or expressions thereof that you don’t like. But not the right to demand that they not be expressed. We are the right. Here you are free to express an opinion I may not like, and it may surprise you to know that I will take the time to actually read it, rather than grabbing my pussyhat and go rioting.

Upticks 47, downticks 4

Daphne Whitethigh:

(Hidden due to low comment rating)

It demeans your opinion if you can’t make your point without insult.

Upticks 6, downticks 41

Wayne Mapp:

On this point I agree with Daphne. I am heartily sick of seeing the level of misogyny of some of the commenters.

And even if that does not concern you, it is politically counter productive. The attitude reflected in far too many of the comments on Kiwiblog will be a real turn off to middle of the road voters, and generate a sympathy vote.

Take a cue from Bill English and Paula Bennett. They both instinctively knew they should condemn Gareth Morgan for his comments.

So, sure you have the right to say what you want. It would just be better not to say stupid things.

Upticks 13, downticks 8

There were a lot of comments following that, mostly ignoring Waynes advice and continuing unabated and abusive.

Farrar runs his blog with minimal moderation, that’s his choice. But it looks bad for Kiwiblog, and with Farrar’s close party associations it looks bad for National as well.

I used to confront crap there often but it was pointless because the abuse continued unabated. I pushed boundaries at one stage because someone kept repeating lies about me, but that changed nothing, I copped my only demerits ever over that.

It’s very sad to see one of New Zealand’s most prominent political blogs continually portraying the worst of politics and some of the worst of public behaviour unabated.

A lot of what goes on at Kiwiblog is disgraceful, this is a relatively mild example where someone decided to speak against and got abused for it.

Political debate is poorly served by this. National is tainted. I have no idea why Farrar has let it continue for so long, but it looks very ugly.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  29th August 2017

    A good insult is hard to beat. Trouble is there are too many bad ones.

    • Gezza

       /  29th August 2017

      I like to think that mine, on the whole, tend toward the better, more subtle class of insult, Sir Alan?

    • That’s taken way, way too far. Use the report button. He does action as a response to community feeling.

      I see as bad and often worse at TS and TDB. The level of opprobrium levelled at Key is almost deranged. That’s not excusing it, but I’d hardly say KB was the worst.

      I’d like to say that bullying and personal attacks against forum posters and contributors are my main beef. A public figure is a public figure and in a heated election build up it’s always heightened. OTOH, a constant is derision and targeting of individual posters with whom some are diametrically opposed ideologically. Sadly it can be a feature here too.

      Ms Ardern is being cut some serious slack, nay, given fawning admiration for no more than bringing a newish, young face and smile, well considered prose well delivered
      and stories of hapless, cute home Reno to the nation’s periodicals . Throughout the broader media she is now feted for nothing more than bringing some excitement to the “cat up tree” mundanity of NZ journo’s lives. Even some of the old people at Mum’s retirement village are over it. ( That and the overlooked pork schnitzel on Thursdays)

      Summing up – she’s a public figure and they get very much dealt to. I’d say that having witnessed the disgusting personal nature of attacks on Clark, Bennett, Collins, Turei etc, there’s a case to say misogyny plays a part in the level of bile delivered.

      • Gezza

         /  29th August 2017

        Call me psychic or something, but I reckon the “overlooked” pork schnitzel probably really means overcooked?

  2. Corky

     /  29th August 2017

    I agree with all comments in said article. Although it should be remembered those who post at Kiwiblog sometimes post here and at the Whaler. All they do is change their way of delivering abuse so as to stay within moderation rules.

    At least with Kiwiblog, what you see is what you are going to get. Silly little games trolls play elsewhere I find more taxing.

  3. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  29th August 2017

    The main trouble with Kiwiblog is that it is not apparent to first-time commenters that foul abuse is not only tolerated; it is actively encouraged.

    It’s all click-bait for the blog, I gather.

    That being said, I have sucked up the personal abuse leveled at me because it matters not a jot in my little life. However, if you are in employment or have vulnerable dependents or have a dodgy history, use a pseudonym on Kiwiblog.

    • Blazer

       /  29th August 2017

      why even bother Maggie?

      • Corky

         /  29th August 2017

        Probably to keep your skills sharp, Blazer.

      • Maggy Wassilieff

         /  29th August 2017

        I pick up quite a bit of political history there…stuff that has been conveniently forgotten (or never known) by Today’s young journalists.

        I lived most of my working life in Wellington, mixing with Public Servants: I know the Left’s Mantras off by heart. It’s time for me to be exposed to different thought patterns and life experiences.

        Literacy is one of my interests… I do volunteer work with teens that need assistance with their reading and comprehension. It is illuminating decoding the spelling, grammar and logic that appears on KB. (Don’t tell them tho’).

  4. Brown

     /  29th August 2017

    I have to admit that the comment from Huevon is something I would uptick. In my view it’s a reasonable view (although calling her a bitch is debatable). It is clearly not an ad hominem attack which is a term the foolish trot out every time they can’t respond rationally to a fact they don’t like.

  5. sorethumb

     /  29th August 2017

    I think it has a lot to do with your work culture. In some occupations you wouldn’t get away with a particular speech but you would in others. Likewise in some they would think you were up your self if you spoke like someone from treasury.

  6. sorethumb

     /  29th August 2017

    The problem with not being able to express yourself is suffocating political correctness, whereby true feelings need to be hidden. Not that I have been to any but they say that at elite parties they get drunk and the beast comes out in the late night banter -hypocrite, hypocrite,hypocrite.

    • Anonymous Coward

       /  29th August 2017

      That article reads like there is an elite ‘media’ class that people are born into and live a rarified existence in until they’re old enough to go on the TV.

  7. PDB

     /  29th August 2017

    As I’ve said for a while…..

    Whaleoil – nasty posts, pleasant comments.
    Kiwiblog – decent posts, nasty comments.
    The Standard – nasty posts, nasty comments.

  8. Chuck Bird

     /  29th August 2017

    I can see David Farrar’s predicament. He used to monitor KB a lot. He tried to be fair but he could not help to some degree of bias. He probably has less time with a new family as well as his business commencements. As many who follow I have got a fair bit of personal abuse from unnamed cowards. I can see people because of their jobs wanting to be anonymous but where they use if for personal abuse and anti-Maori racial abuse I say it is out and out cowardliness.

    It is hard to get a correct balance. The Pundit is mainly far left and they threaten to ban people who criticize the writers particularly Tim Watkins and Andrew Gettis who think that Turei is a victim and Winston is a villain. They expect people should pay for that.

    I think you have the balance about right. People can say someone is talking nonsense without personal abuse.

  9. Chuck Bird

     /  29th August 2017

    I think while politicians should be more open to criticism many on KB go way to far. I will unlikely ever vote Labour but the comments about Jacinda’s teeth and very nasty. Jacinda is certainly not a nasty person and does not deserve this.

  10. duperez

     /  29th August 2017

    Farrar’s blog, so obviously he can do what he likes and moderate, or not, as he likes. He throws the burley in and shit fish are attracted.
    What would they do if their kids showed the same destructive, negative, nasty behaviour? Probably go to work and tell their mates about how their offspring had ‘owned’ whoever they were attacking.

  11. Conspiratoor

     /  29th August 2017

    If you want a genuine exchange free of abuse try gab. My understanding of the Farrar blog is that it is largely self moderated. Low calorie comments are hidden by popular vote. Seems fair to me

  1. Abuse unabated at Kiwiblog — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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