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30 August 2017


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  1. Gezza

     /  August 30, 2017

    When it was discovered MP Winston Peters had been paid too much NZ Super, the seasoned politician had to dig his hand into his pocket and pay it back.

    Peters, who was born in 1945,  is reported to have repaid around $18,000, though he says the sum was smaller.He had reportedly been paid a single person rate since he turned 65, when he was in fact cohabiting with his partner Jan Trotman.

    The Ministry of Social Development’s (MSD) chief executive would have insisted on repayment. Under the Social Security Act overpayments are a debt the chief executive has a “duty” to take all practicable steps to recover, which means even small overpayments have to be chased for repayment.

    Being unaware that you are being paid the wrong rate, as Peters says he was, is no defence against not repaying.

    Being paid the wrong rate of NZ Super is only one of a number of reasons why over 65s can find themselves in pensions debt to the MSD.

  2. Gezza

     /  August 30, 2017

    NZ First candidate Shane Jones has no complaints about his spot on the party list but the same can’t be said for some MPs.

    The party released its list on Tuesday ahead of the September 23 election and while Jones was comfortable with being number 8, MP Pita Paraone said he and others were feeling put out.

    The top 15 on the list is as follows:
    1 Rt Hon Winston Peters PC

    2 Ron Mark

    3 Tracey Martin

    4 Fletcher Tabuteau

    5 Darroch Ball 

    6 Clayton Mitchell

    7 Mark Patterson

    8 Shane Jones

    9 Jenny Marcroft

    10 Mahesh Bindra 

    11 Pita Paraone

    12 Ria Bond

    13 Denis O’Rourke

    14 David Wilson

    15 Richard Prosser

  3. Ray

     /  August 30, 2017

    And now Winston has the cheek to tell us he will be guided by the Party’s membership on which other Party he will support after the election!
    This after overruling the Committee that arranges the list.
    Of course he has to say this, anything else makes his dance of the seven veils impossible.

  4. pickled possum

     /  August 30, 2017

    Of course the older loyal members are going to be pissed
    wouldn’t you?
    Even if Pita was/is as useless as tits on bulls,
    he still is committed to his rohe.

    Shane Jones Maybe a strong voice for NZF ????
    he is a unique being … in that he can hop from one culture to another
    with ease.

    Butt how many will be forgiving him for using tax paya money
    for making his own entertainment … while alone in his motel room.

    Not many if any up here in the Far North.
    We feel extremely let down by him.

    Maybe he will be able to claw his way back in Whangarei
    where the people may have forgotten about him being just another

    • sorethumb

       /  August 30, 2017

      Butt how many will be forgiving him for using tax paya money
      for making his own entertainment … while alone in his motel room.
      Tch, tch, tch….not

      • pickled possum

         /  August 30, 2017

        woteva sorelosa give me your real story then

        • Gezza

           /  August 30, 2017

          The problem with The Joneser is is his track record suggests his principles are as wobbly as his morals & he’s too easily bought off. At least he’s in the right party for those qualities now though.

  5. sorethumb

     /  August 30, 2017

    Make Breitbart Lose Money – Help Stop Their Hateful Agenda‎
    Elsewhere, she writes: “[Muslims] clean themselves 5 times a day, unlike you dirty white cave parasites, muslims gave y’all soap remember”, and, “[Y]ou pasty pasty bland bitches have NO culture, no rich history, you ain’t shit, ur ancestors were cave ppl”.

    Mixed race critics have been dismissed with comments such as “[your] mum’s white ew lol” and “My condolences to you bitches whith white mums, but keep any reference to PAKISTANIS out of your mf’ering mouth you SWINE!”
    These Muslim women are fighting back by rejecting stereotypes and shaping the discussion on what matters to them.

    — Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) August 27, 2017

    • sorethumb

       /  August 30, 2017

      Shut down Brietbart versus Channel Four praises a full on white Briton hating Muslim as someone who is : “fighting back by rejecting stereotypes and shaping the discussion on what matters to them”.

  6. Zedd

     /  August 30, 2017

    i saw mr t visiting the drowning folks in texas.. no obvious talk of ‘no evidence of clmt-chng’

    it was all ‘wonderful, fabulous effort guys.. fantastic, excellent, first class responses’ but i think they need action not rhetoric/b-s, struting about in his usa cap with mrs t looking like a movie star, with her cap :/

    • Corky

       /  August 30, 2017

      Don’t confuse wheather with climate, Zedd%. That’s a common failing of ill informed climate change believing nutters.

      ps- man made climate change.

    • PDB

       /  August 30, 2017

      “Was Harvey unprecedented in intensity?

      In this case, we didn’t have just a tropical storm like Claudette, but a major hurricane, which covered a much larger area with heavy rain. Roger Pielke Jr. has pointed out that the U.S. has had only four Category 4 (or stronger) hurricane strikes since 1970, but in about the same number of years preceding 1970 there were 14 strikes. So we can’t say that we are experiencing more intense hurricanes in recent decades.”