Poll: Labour Maori MP trails

A Māori Television poll in the Te Tai Hauāuru electorate has the current Labour MP trailing significantly.

  • Howie Tamati (Maori Party) 52%
  • Adrian Rurawhe (Labour) 39%
  • Jack McDonald (Greens) 9.1%

2014 electorate results:

  • Adrian Ruawhe 8089 (41.34%)
  • Chris McKenzie 6,535 (33.40%)
  • Jack McDonald 3,004 (15.35%)
  • Jordan Winiata 1,940 (9.91%)

Tamati may be benefiting because Mana are not standing a candidate this year.

Māori without landline reason for low rating – Labour MP

Labour MP Adrian Rurawhe has blamed the lack of landline phones in Māori households for the reason why he’s trailing Māori Party’s Howie Tamati in Māori Television’s latest poll.

“The realities of polling in Maori electorates, 75 percent don’t have landlines. So they are never going to get polled,’ Rurawhe said. “I was behind in 2014 and picked up a whole 13 percentage points between the 2014 poll and election day.”

People without landlines could as easily affect other candidates.

If Tamati wins that makes current MP Marama Fox’s chances of returning to Parliament.

Fox is currently a list MP and is trailing in a poll in the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti  electorate:

  • Meka Whatira (Labour) 55%
  • Marama Fox (Maori Party) 39%
  • Dr Elizabeth Kerekere (Greens) 6%

See Fox chasing tough odds

Poll on party support compared to 2015 results in Ikaroa-Rāwhiti:

  • Labour 50.4% (47.38)
  • Maori 21.1% (12.19%)
  • NZ First 12.0% (11.25%)
  • Green 7.5% (10.28%)
  • National 5.9% (5.37%)

Poll on party support (compared to 2015 results) in Te Tai Hauāuru:

  • Labour 41.8% (42.23)
  • Maori 24% (17.64%)
  • National 11.2% (7.11%)
  • NZ First 11% (11.79%)
  • Green 9% (11.93%)
  • TOP 1.3%
  • Mana 1.3% (Internet Mana 6.82%)

In both of those Labour and NZ First support is holding, Maori party support has risen, Greens have slipped.

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  1. Corky

     /  30th August 2017

    Howie is picking up rugby league votes. A criticism former players had about Howie was the time spent practising the haka at the expense of actual rugby league practice.

    Enough said.

  2. Picking up on the landline thing. There may be some validity there. The only reason I have one is because it’s free with my UFB plan. I have no extensions to service. Half the time, there is literally no phone on there as it’s a battery portable and more often than not wasn’t put back on charge, after the one call a month I pick up on.

    We’ve been a cell phone only house for years really. Such great extensive plans with cell phone companies nad everybody having one. Landlines, largely an anachronism.

    • Corky

       /  30th August 2017

      ”Landlines, largely an anachronism.”

      True…but..least …h..ve……an uninterup….conversation.

      I have a landline and used it as my main phone. I have a flash smart phone but use it only for convenience and the odd text.

      The reason I keep away from mobile devices is because the science is far from settled on their safety.

      • Blazer

         /  30th August 2017

        wondered what was happening to…you.

        • Corky

           /  30th August 2017

          That’s why you vote Labour. Your cerebrum is fried. Apply the KISS model, Blazer.
          Keep It Simple Silly…that means a landllne….and a healthy cerebrum.

    • Ray

       /  30th August 2017

      Out in the provinces it pays to have a landline and phone that doesn’t need mains power, because when the power goes out and after the cell phone towers batteries go down that is all you have.
      So a city thing.

      • Gezza

         /  30th August 2017

        Once you switch to fibre your landline don’t still work during a power cut no more. Told ma she’ll have to use her mobile to ask if my power’s out too.


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