Labour and National tax calculators

A report that Labour has a handy tax calculator that will tell you how much tax you will pay.

Labour has introduced a new tax calculator on its website that will help to clarify what New Zealanders will pay if it wins the election on September 23rd.

The calculator lets you put in your income and assets, or those of your whole family, if you wish. You then click a button labelled “calculate”, which will form a working group that will deliberate for two years on what you should pay.

If you choose to use an advanced version of the tool, Labour even lets you build your very own working group, selecting experts from a range of fields to produce just the right long-term professional tax advice for you.

And National is said to be countering with their own calculator.

National, for their part, are said to be working on their own tax calculator, which lets you put in your income, and tells you how much more you’ll make if you get a better job.

Perhaps if you want to work in a restaurant or on a dairy farm or vineyard it will tell you how likely it will be that an immigrant will get the job instead.

See Labour’s new tax calculator


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